2020 – Sunday Blessings – At the Point of Saturation

“Ubiquitous – (adjective) – existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered, widespread.” 

Credit: Time

EquinoxHalf-day.  Half-night.  The Vernal Equinox brought Coronavirus ‘lockdown.’  We’re six months in now.  The Autumn Equinox signals the death of the “old Sun” in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Southern Hemisphere has the “new light” of Spring’s new growth. Balance acheived.  Equinox arrives September 22nd @ 9:30am EDT.

Your current age multiplied by 4 – equals the number of ‘seasons’ – lived.

New Awareness is revealed when a vacuum is created for the need for new information.  A vacuum is created when there is an acceleration of information or events – plus – a collective loss of orientation – meaning and/or purposeDisorientation always requires a greater Vision than previously known.  We’re there

Our sense organs have a very narrow bandwidth.  New ‘awareness’ is always cathartic.  If old awareness is not revised and updated – then new awareness cannot take rootNew awareness also reveals the I-Ego’s attachment to maintaining the ‘status quo’ – because it no longer conforms to its previously enjoyed 2nd Hand Reality.

Time is not linear – it is a series of patterns moving in ‘fractal motion.’  Continuous Spirals.  Cyclical.  When it appears “I’m going backward” – please consider that perhaps “I’m really standing on Higher Ground than the last time I saw this.”  It’s called ‘breaking a cycle or pattern of behavior’ that’s no longer needed.   

This week – expect to ‘see’ what could not be seen before. Triggerswhat are the familiar signs – and responses to them – when it’s discovered a pattern of behavior is being repeated? Moving from co-dependence to interdependenceThat’s powerful.  The transition this year has been slow and deliberate.  For those wishing it would ‘hurry up’ – it would have shattered personalities if “I got what I want – right now.” 

Life is NOTblack OR white’ – but with almost 8 billion humans living on a Spaceship – that means there are almost 8 billion ‘shades of gray.’   The Universe – God – Buddha – Creator – Source (whatever you call your deity) is trying to get one simple message across to the “whole.”  It’s simple – “hey you – yeah you – I’m talking to you – guess what – you are ALL sharing a Collective Manifestation and you’re all in it together.”

Drop the labels – please – otherwise we’ll have to drag this out for five to ten more years at the least.  Maybe that’s what we need.  Without black or white – male or female – we’re ALL people – humans – alike.  See?  We each have gifts that complement one another.  Just keep it in mind this week.  No one has “my” answers either.

Self-Love is a HabitResults will remain the same until behavior is changed.  Conversations from January 2020 rise to the surface again.  Look hard at how at how “I gave my power away” – when standing firm would have brought a different outcome.  It’s called “futurizing” and leads to over-thinking and not being able to stay present in Self.  Slow down.  Get out in Nature.  Notice the seasonal change occurring.  Get back in the body.  The future will arrive when it’s Time. 

Ego is a projection of the Mind.  Ego likes to move quick – fast – and in a hurry.  Judgment and hypocrisy are ‘blind spots’ – whether directed at self or other.  We’re all being deconditioned and deprogrammed.  Some falling into despair and hopelessness. 

Say a little prayer – for change – peaceful resolution – smooth transition.  It may be time to say YES – it may be time to say NO.  Many will decide to ‘move on’ mentally.  Some are resolved to strengthen their connection to their Inner-Self – True-North.  It takes great courage to stand up to the daily barrage of information/ideas.  Steady Self

Shadow Play.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect several plot-twists.  Expect to be surprised (mainly by personal reactions to transpersonal issues).  Many are waking up.  Another torch has been passed with the death of Ruth-Bader-Ginsberg.  The next generation will take up the work for Women’s Equality.  Just like John Lewis passed the torch to BLM. 

If you want to see a ‘strong signal’ of things to come – be sure to watch the renaming of the formerly known “Washington Redskins.”  That’s the final spoke in the Wheel of Change we’re waiting to see. 

We all get a ‘future-glimpse’ of things to come in December over the next 10 days.  A new Soul direction as the compass aligns with ‘magnetic North.’  This would be the time to make adjustments – if we don’t like what we see.  When was the last time you checked in with your Soul?  How is it doing?  What does it want to BE?  Don’t be surprised if IT pulls a ‘checkmate’ for not paying attention! 

Every choice made this week will resonate and reverberate for weeks to come.  The pressure increases and remember – it’s part of the Cumulative Growth of 2020.  What “I” see outside is a reflection of what’s INSIDE “me.”  It’s a dancing shadow – just like Plato’s Cave. Expect Unconventional

Find common ground.  Be generous with Common Sense.  Be generous with ‘belly laughs.’  See the irony of the symbolism playing out before our very eyes.  Answers hide inside Conflict.  Simplicity resides in Complexity.  Ride the sideways escalator – in and out – back and forth.  We’re flowing through change.  Feet on the ground – stay in your body.  Be your most real-bestest-true-Self

We’re not all going to agree.  The focus is “what’s best for everyone” and seek resolution that builds strong Community.  The one thing few speak of is 2021 – we’ll all (collectively + personally) get the ‘bill’ next year for our choices this year.  Steady as “She” goes.  How to be ‘steady’ – click here.  Be yourself and trust yourself above ALL others.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well!  ❤

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