2020 – Sunday Blessings – Cape(s) Optional

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” — Haruki Murakami

Credit: NASA (Hubble) M2-9 Nebula – “Wings of Butterfly” – Nebula can be location of new stars being born – or the dust left over from a Supernova exploding star.

Ethical Shift AheadPermanent impermanenceEra of Globalization into Age of Disorder.  Moving from Jesus into Christ.  Bubbles are popping ‘left’ and ‘right.’  It’s a wake-up call that’s being heard all over the world.  No one has been left out.

Right Resonance.  Mystics have known for millennia what science is finally beginning to understand – the Quantum Field.  A door opened on December 21, 2012.  It will close on December 21, 2020We don’t know what we don’t know – do we?  Consider this 8-year period the Long-Purification.

What if we were to discover that the Universe is nothing more than a Ginormous-Neural-Network with known behaviors?  What if everything we see around us is a neural network and to prove it wrong all that is needed is to find a phenomenon which cannot be modeled with a neural network?  The theory was proposed by Vitaly Vanchurin (University of Minnesota) in working on a theory of machine learning.  Read the article here.

How comfortable are you with ‘Deep Presence?  Does the constant ‘plot-twist’ energy bother you?  It will require reframing the current understanding of so-called-reality.  It will require a hard-core look Within.  Stillness speaks volumes – so listen to your best friend – your Inner-Soul-Voice.  It’s easy to recognize – it sends clear simple repetitive messages.  It’s that little thing we put off – postpone – procrastinate about.  We tell ourselves – “I’ll get to that later.”  ReallyWhen?

Time to rediscover your Superpowers.

This is a week of progress – take advantage of the opportunity to restore faith and solidify the foundational values.  Expect the unexpected in relationships – was that a “Freudian Slip” you heard?  Possibly or probably?  This is not about “I-Ego” time – we are on Soul-Time and from personal experience – it rarely coincides with “my timeline.

Pay attention.  How others treat “me” has absolutely nothing to do with me – and – how I treat others has absolutely nothing to do with them.  It’s all a projection of the I-Ego seeking value from outside Soul-Self.

Feet on the ground – pleaseExpect to step-up your game as courage is swelling and rising up!  If you’re reading this – then you were born for this time – this place – this moment.  There are no mistakes.  Nothing will happen until it is Time out of SpaceIt’s the grandest of paradoxes too.

New Consciousness is giving birth to Itself.  It’s coming from the Inside-Out.  Be counterintuitive!  Listen with your ‘eyes’ and see with your ‘ears.’  Many are becoming aware of what they’ve always known.  Ideas about how it all works (status quo) are dissolving and changing.  Our ideas about Heaven and Earth are changing.  What if we were to discover that Heaven and Earth are NOT separate – but – one and the same?

Credit: CNN

Without ignorance there can be no discovery of truth.  Are you building bridges yet?  2020 is a ‘bridge-building’ year.  Old and New.  Flux continues.  Nothing is static.

Be LovedSelf-Love is the ‘middle-finger’ to the status quo.  Can you catch yourself when succumbing to conforming to the status quoSelf-Love is a Superpower.  Let’s call it Intelligent Medicine.

Truth and LiesHow does one tell the difference?  The easiest way is to listen to “my body – because it NEVER lies to me.”  Do we live in separation because we label everything as ‘right or wrong?’  Or – do we label everything and everyone because we were taught we are separated from our deity of choice?

Mythic Reality.  Being an Observer creates a ‘safe space to BE’ – but surprise – Observers are also participants tooGrace and Grit – Mercy and Redemption.  Expect to notice the difference this week between Truth and Lies.  Let’s reconfigure ‘right and wrong’ into “morals and ethics.”  Reframing creates a different tone from which to perceive.  Listen to your body – it can tell the difference – ‘feel’ it.

Mother Nature is having ‘Her’ way with us.  Even the media is questioning and stating out loud – “is god or the galaxy – or some deity trying to tell politicians and people to wake up?”  (Axios AM 9/12) Wildfires on the West coast and six hurricanes bearing down on the East coast – while America’s Heartland is picking up the pieces of the ‘derecho’ from a couple of weeks ago.

Those living through it all understand what – “just the essentials” truly means.  Expect to start to feel the urge to prioritize to gain in strength this week.  It’s a sorting of “the Heart.”  Focused energy is a “Force.”  Please check in with your Soulas often as possible.  It KNOWS everything that is happening – inside and out – and will offer guidance in Stillness.

Check in with the “Future” this week – there’s much more than meets the eye going on.  It’s a sideways escalator moment – in and out – back and forth – just keep focused in your Ethical Center – Truth North.  To get ‘through it’ – we have to go ‘in IT.’  Check relationships – “Other is NOT there to fulfill a lack I perceive inside myself.”  It might be awkward – but only “I” can give meaning to my life – no one else can do it for “me.

Screw up courage – we’re all learning how to ‘save myself’ and we are each more than prepared for the ‘road ahead.’  It requires perspective.  Water can save lives to those in a burning fire – and water can kill a person drowning in the ocean.  Would you believe the reason for all the destruction is to teach us how to save ourselvesIt is a paradox!

Walk easy.  See ALL sides.  Renew.  Rebalance.  Refresh.  It’s going to be wild – weird – wonky – surreal – and strange this week.  Or ride the waveYou are loved more than you will ever knowReady to Ride?  Trust yourself above ALL others.  You’ve so got this!  All is well!  ❤





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