2020 – Sunday Blessings – Labor of Love

Credit: Aeon

“I am the first and last.  I am she who is honored and scorned.  I am the whore and the holy woman.  I am the wife and the virgin.  I am the bride and the bridegroom.  I am she, the Lord.”  ~The Thunder, Perfect Mind 1: 5 – 10

Lessons UnlearnedPlot twist aheadEpic lives are lived way out past the ‘guard rails.’  What if humans were to discover there is no such thing as SIN?  Would it help or hurt the current ‘status quo?’  Many want solutions without effort.  Every choice to isolate and insulate has a correspondingly negative impact on others.

Thunder – Perfect Mind is a paradoxical poem discovered within the Nag Hammadi Text in 1945.  The mysterious poem wasn’t translated and printed until the early 70’s.  It’s the voice of a divine feminine power that unites ALL opposites explaining the ‘Divine’ in ALL aspects of life on Earth and off Earth.  Imagine that!

Sempiternal: everlasting – unchanging – eternal!

One step backOne step forward.  One of the most powerful endeavors a human will undertake is the counter-intuitive move into “freedom of no choice.”  Sound crazy?  When a person truly KNOWS there is no need for choice.  What if the goal is “being yourself” rather than being a “doing self?”  It takes courage to ‘be yourself.’  It requires letting go of the fear of judgement from Other.  When “being myself I KNOW what to do.”  The ‘Age of Rugged Individualism’ is slowly disintegrating before our very eyes.

StillnessShhh.  Please.

Galactic Exhale.  Time can expand and/or contract according to our ability to observe.  Is it “my job” to stop another from facing their own challenges?  Says who?  Often – what feels ‘right’ is what’s ‘familiar.

As Buddha said – “you will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”  There’s anger – there’s ‘righteous anger’ – there’s justified anger and then there’s just RAGE.

Anger is a useful tool when channeled toward constructive change.  It usually starts with pointing a finger at another who is held responsible for personal pain or angst.  That’s ‘little will or ego’ that has not had its needs met.  Who is really responsible for “me not rising to my own potential?”  It takes great effort to overcome Self.


America is going through its “Dark Night of the Soul.”  Many individuals are too.  It doesn’t matter who gets elected there will be anger and disappointment.  It’s the perfect paradox setting us up for change – but we can’t see it yet.  Isolation has created an international power vacuum that will be filled in the coming weeks.  A new reality reveals itself.

There are three kinds of people in the world – the “have’s” – the “have nots” – and the “haven’t paid for what they’ve got yet.”  Long-story-short – Life is a “never-ending story.”  Reckoning and reconciling.  Go DEEP this week.  Look inside – it’s where truth resides.

We each believe “my truth” is the ultimate truth – alas – “my truth” is based on “my life experiences.”  Never forget to add ‘context.’  It’s usually the ‘missing ingredient’ to the ‘perfect stew’ that’s simmering – threatening to ‘boil over.’  

“I am what anyone can hear but no one can say.”  ~The Thunder, Perfect Mind 4:23

Where does ‘rage’ originate?  Betrayal.  The first betrayal was the first time a person remains “silent” about what the Inner-Heart-Feminine says.  It’s called ‘primal deception’ and occurs because of an unwillingness to trust what is heard Inside.  Over time – without giving it voice – anger turns into RAGE.

It’s the Voice that doesn’t have a Voice – without ‘me.’  It’s the feminine part of each man and woman that is discounted and ignoredShe is Rising.  She knows what it means to be a messy human.  She also know what it means to Be Love.

Words have great power – but taken out of context can create mass confusion.  Listen Inside.  Thought is distilled.  Words remembered.  Every deed has impact.  Every action has consequences.  Consciousness is a ‘state of Being – a Vibration.’  Human doing or Human Being?

No one is ‘stuck.’  It’s called “waiting” for a Homing Beacon to be activated.  The ‘beacons’ begin getting activated later this week restoring faith and hope.  Listen for the Voice Within waking up.  Nothing is ever lost – though it might appear to be re-arranged.  Trust ‘telepathy’ and instincts.

Think back to June – August 2018 and what was happening in your life?  What was that ‘thing’ your Inner Truth was telling you – that you didn’t trust enough to give it a Voice?  Better yet – think back to July – September 1988 – could you hear the Inner Truth – or was it simply a series steps taken to balance inner rage?

Coronavirus Fatigue is wearing people down.  Evolution or Revolution?  Helping someone else takes the focus off of Self.  Stop comparing Self to Other (that’s never healthy).  Try to notice the ‘little things.’   Smile at a stranger.  Take life one step at a time.  Accept no one person can make it go away – it will require group effort – BE your small part.  Embrace the changes instead of running away from or avoiding it.  Be yourself and do not allow anyone to tell you differently.  Kick out the people living in your head ‘rent-free.

Can you allow yourself to be part of something much bigger than ‘myself?

The holiest place on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love (Course in Miracles).  Be a good listener this week.  Be Witness.  Unite opposition within Self.  That’s a good starting place.  Nature is in the process of balancing out 2000 years of misdeeds and mistrust.  Trust your Inner Voice – the Inner Truth that’s rising up.  Do not expect acceptance from those who cannot accept themselves.  Trust yourself without guilt or regret.  Keep going.  The fruits of effort will become self-evident in the coming weeks.  You are stronger than you realize.  Click here to read the poem!  The wheel in the sky is turning and please allow our “better Angels” to guide from Within.  All is well! ❤



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