2020 – Timelines Shifting

I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.  “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide.  All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  ~J.R.R. Tolkein “The Fellowship of the Ring

Credit: Spaceweather.com (Sojuel – 960)

Welcome to SeptemberTime for a ‘Cool Change.’  Nature is ‘doing Her thing’ and She moves in Mysterious Ways.  Perfect harmony.  The Northern Hemisphere is heading into darkness – the Southern Hemisphere is gaining more light.   Balance.  An intersection in ‘timeNOTspace.

Deep presence required and Love is a Superpower!

The Mind sits between ‘dreams and Vision.’  Minds are in the process of being moved.  It’s been going on for a while now – years in fact – but suddenly – it’s becoming ‘self-evident.’  What the Mind cannot quantify the Revolution of the Heart experiences as pure Alchemy.

Consider it a ‘pilgrimage into the Unknown.’  Distraction begins within.  Draw your own navigational chart – trust you will be led true and make ‘departure’ the priority.  Start simple.  Let’s mandate ‘kindness.’  Could we just be kind to one another?

What has awakened inside this yearWhat part(s) is dying off?  What would be the first line in the 2020 Coronavirus Eulogy?  So much change – but chaos ALWAYS precedes birth.  Ask any woman who has given birth about the last stage called ‘hard labor’ and she’ll tell you – “Nature is a FORCEand it cannot be controlled.

So much change has occurred this year Dictionary.com added/updated 15,000 words to reflect the way our culture addresses race – gender – sexual orientation – mental health issues and oddly enough – the majority of the changes could fall under one word – RESPECT.  The changes include 650 new entries – 2100 new definitions – more than 11,000 revised definitions and 1,700 new pronunciations.  Interesting….

We’re getting there….progress appears slowMore than meets the Eye!

It’s called “Addiction – Shadow – Complex” and describes the  interaction between addictive behavior + our personal shadow + archetypal evil (David E. Schoen – The War of the Gods in Addiction).  Addictive behavior becomes the pathway for the ‘shadow-side’ to express itself.  The Shadow depends on the addiction to survive – and the addictive behavior is continuously strengthened by the ShadowUnholy Alliance.

What’s really hiding inside?  We all have our addictions – there’s shopping – ideas – people – wounds – stories – food – suffering – beliefs – thoughts – perspectives – processes – there’s plenty to choose from.  Taking responsibility for managing the triggers of our distraction is the first step.  Taking responsibility for anything is the first step to “taking my power back.

Play now – pay later.

It’s called a “Mind-Virus.  Take a moment and write down 5 things you admire in others but do not believe you have within yourself.  Now – make a list of 5 things you abhor in others but cannot see in yourself.  When it’s ‘reigningconfusion we get soaked.

Linear solutions hinder progress when working with exponential chaos.  While it appears Wall St. is gaining momentum – no one checked to see how Wall St. is doing compared to other markets globally.  They don’t report that tidbit of news.  The 1% are out of touch with the 99%.  Media needs ‘ears and eyeballs’ to stay profitable.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Is Media a distraction or an addiction?

Two-thirds of the way through 2020 – we’re approaching the beginning of the end of ‘entitlement.’  Cause or Effect?  We always have a choice – and we are responsible for our own choices.  This transition has found us with an upside-down perspective of an inside-outside issue moving back and forth.  We call it the “Sideways Escalator” because the ability to be self-sustainable is crucial to our learning this year.

As the influence of one paradigm decreases – the influence of another paradigm increases.  Be realistic.  Be pragmatic.  Be a good Noticer.  Just be yourself.  Be the kindness you want to receive.  Be the Love you want to receive.  Stay in your body.  The Center of Two (body + Soul).  It feels ‘karmic’ and Karmic Healing is readily available for the asking.  Ask and you can receive.  Get in FOCUSED FLOW and feel it rising up.  Hold STEADY – repeat!

Get out in Nature and take a long look at that glorious Full Moon suspended in the sky.  It’s beautiful.  There is balance in Nature and humans are part of Nature.  We’ve just forgotten.  It’s time to start remembering our True Nature.  Have you ever seen a ‘luggage rack’ on a hearse?  The only thing we take with us when our Soul departs from  the physical Death Spiral the body goes through – are our ‘memories.’  Make some good ones!  You are loved more than you will ever know!  Allow abundance smile on you.  All is well! ❤






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