2020 – Sunday Blessings – Channeling Change

“Impermanence – (noun) – the way change falls in love with you.”  ~Andrea Balt

Breathless in scope – vast in perceptionGlobal shifts are often accompanied by drastic – uncomfortable events.  Usually met with resistance – everyone is forced outside their comfort zones.  Collectively – we are in the process of changing how we think about things – including our most favorite closely held beliefs – the ones we’ve had since birth.  The “Deep Ones.


Witnessing the course of history change is both scary and exciting – at the same time.  The more we observe – notice – witnessmore is exposed.  Change is “currency” and there’s more than enough to share and spare.  Is it time to set yourself free from your “old life?

If you weren’t afraid – who would you be?

The Inner Rebel is waking down.  Between now and mid-January the Inner Rebel is going to turn inward in the process of “waking down.”  Connecting body and SoulIntegration.  Mutual ReceptionInterdependence.  Connection to something greater than “little self” can see or imagine looking at a 2D mapHumans will only receive what they believe they deserve.

Do you remember the Great American Eclipse of 2017?  Traveling from the northwest down to the southeast it split the US in half.  Those taking more than their ‘fair share’ are moving to the center of the crosshairs now.  It takes a Village!  Be witness to course of human history beginning a wide-turn.  We’ve got a long way to go – and it will require dedication – perseverance – and plenty of effort.  Relief arrives soon.

Awareness is the greatest “change agent.”  What keeps human down/back can usually be traced back to insecurity that prevents us from “letting it go.”  Counter-intuitive.  To battle internal fear – it’s necessary to face the “Shadow Within.

Do you feel like Sisyphus or Hercules?  How about Wonder Woman or Cat Woman?  Find the inner Hero or Shero.  What super-s/hero are you hoping to channel?  What’s your super-power?  Life feels like a real-life action adventure INSIDE and OUT.  Feet on the ground.  Trust yourself above all others!

Expect to see something new stirring inside this week – it’s hope – excitement – something is starting to rise up from Deep-Core.  There’s a New Moon on the 18th in”larger-than-life-Leo.”  All the world’s a stage.  Burning off the dross from 2017 is one possibility this week.  It depends.  Something inside profound is changing – shifting – shaking. Expect undefined – but it’s thereExpect to be inspiredExpect drama.

Astrologers have been waiting for this week – all year long.  We’ll revisit events the first week of October and Christmas 2020.   Every human will come face to face with their own “shadow” – and it’s easy to spot.  It’s the thing that has been abandoned –denied – dismissed – ignored – neglected – and what each individual tries so hard to control within themselves – so others do not see it.

The key to success – for the next 2 weeks – is “discernment.”   Actions aligned with intention.  It’s probably going to be a test between “good and bad.”  There is no “good or bad” – there is “IN and OUT – BACK and FORTH.”  Some experiences and people we encounter are more pleasant than others.  And some experiences can challenge us to the Nth degree – but we grow quickly and that is always a blessingDiscernment does NOT mean abandoning choices.  It is not judgement.  It is ALWAYS about the power of choice based on INTENTION.

Whether it is choosing a lifestyle – people to surround yourself with – or what kind of “spiritual energy” chosen to invoke – discernment creates personal our reality.  There is nothing “nasty” to surprise us later on when discernment is used.  The next 2 weeks offer a great lesson in discernment.  When fear and shame cloud perception – Truth is elusive.

Listen with your “eyes” and see with your “ears.”  The Truth is hiding in plain sight.  Chances are higher than average that your Soul has learned all it needs from the situation and has asked for a “lift” out of the situation.  Are you willing to receive “Karmic Healing?”  It’s a choice.  Use discernmentAll is well!  ❤

Being My Own Self” will return on September 1st – with something different updated – integrated.  It’s time to start ‘channeling change.’  Thank you for allowing me space in your life today!  You are loved more than you will ever know!

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