2020 – And then there was an Earthquake…….

“Justice is not just. Unless you have money, unless you have privilege, it doesn’t work for everybody.”  ~Jaime Harrison (S.C. Democratic Senate Candidate) 

Credit: View from Earth & Mars – Astronomy Picture of the Day (Bouric)

The sky is not falling – but – it is changing.  Whether you see madness and mayhem – or – goodness and kindness – out there – it’s always been ‘that way.’  The difference is it’s becoming self-evident.  The “system” doesn’t work for everyone.

Be your own Shero or Hero!

The Universe uses Synchronicity to deliver its “messages direct to us” – like having a hurricane (Isias) and an earthquake in the same week – here in the South we call it a “a$$-grabber.

The Universe will NEVER reveal anything to us that we are NOT ready to experience – see – understand – absorb – integrateWe’re readyExpect deep-extensive-learning this coming week.

Why are women always expected to “lean in?”  Why can’t men lead like women?  America is moving from a “gig economy” into a “hustle economy.”  Bubbles are bursting faster than a herd of “unmasked – 2-year old’s – can pop at a kiddie birthday party.

America is very slowly moving from “it’s all about me and my rights” to “WE THE PEOPLE.

Bougie sweatpants are in style – will the fashion industry recover?  Does fashion really matter?  Politicians (male) declare – loud and proud – they have the right to choose what’s best for their body – whether they will or won’t wear a mask.  (Really – yes – we’re still there.)  Let’s remember that the next time they want to legislate female bodies.  Can we get past “my rights” and focus on “what’s best for everyone?

The brain is a computer – running on binary code – aligning with physical reality – through a grid of numerically pre-programmed experiences – so humans can experience “emotions.” We each assign and project meaning to the Magical Synchronicity.  What am “I” projecting?  Is it all going to “sh*t” – or – is the course of human history changing and re-routing itself?   What do you SEE?

Real world optimism arrives in December.  But – – we need some cold-hard-truth – and this week – truthopens eyes + minds + hearts” – not necessarily in that orderExpect the unexpected – expect some uncertainty – get comfortable in “change.”  No more bluffing.  No more bullying.  Cries for Justice increase.

Collectively – what needs to be remembered differently in your life?  We each have something – from the past that needs to be addressed.  Change your story.  Was it really a failure?  Or is it some secret shame at not performing at what “my culture” taught me was unacceptable to “keep me in line?

The sky is not falling – the sky is changing!

It’s going to feel a bit weird and strange.  Many are weary – most are just tired.  Expect extreme sudden-self-realization this week.  Somewhere along the way – we lost our “way.”  Natural instinct guides us to bond with one another – to connect.

Is selfishness is a learned behavior?”  What happened to empathy?  All together now – interdependence is the new direction – new normal – and independence keeps us all separated.

Radical thought – we’re actually moving away from the “desire for freedom.”  The moment we give rise to that thought – we imply we are not freeNot so.  Being and doing what we KNOW – requires no “choice.”  We just KNOW.

Progress is occurring by leaps and bounds – but it’s difficult to see when viewing life from the top – down – waiting for instructions on “what to do next.”  Be a good Noticer this week – to see what’s growing from the ground – upWatch the speed of courage rise.

Be confident in your own mental and psychological abilities – as people are discovering they can stand up to threats – bullying – manipulation without being intimidated. 

Necessity is the “Mother” on invention.  Did you know that since America got its “stay-at-home-orders” – 1.75M new virtual stores have been opened?  People got creative with their natural gifts – talents – and passion to find a new way to make money!

The space between January and December is the abnormal-normal – the in-between-time.  A GIFT!  Coronavirus created space for each of us to reflect on the ghosts of the past.  Retrospect.  Individually – we’re each passing through our own personal “eye of the needle.

Disruption delivers sober-truth this week.  The TRUTH says – “ready or not – here I come.”  The fastest growing political party in the US is the Independent Party – who are ready to vote “people over party.”  Momentum is gaining.  People want Justice.

We have enormous potential this week and we will review it all again in September and October.  This week brings the “flash-point” which triggers recognition and revelation.  If it feels like you’re dancing backwards in high-heels – you are.  Keep dancing!

Question – why do people have to PAY to live on Earth?

Everything is balancing out.  Maybe the reason sports isn’t going to be played is because people pay too much to watch it.  Why are celebrity athletes paid millions and teachers have to pay for their own supplies to teach?  Why are we complicit – why are we OK with it?

We’ll arrive at the answers to more than these questions in December – when the future arrives as we open a new cycle of Social Change.  And no one on Earth has experienced it “this way” – not since the early 1400’s.

Remember – we’re leaving behind the old way of top-down command and control and moving toward “bottom-up-grassroots-growth.”  2020 has been the Year of Detox as the ground is shaking beneath our feet.

In and out – back and forth – not up OR down.  Every aspect of life is being upgraded – institutions – old social programming – indoctrination – organizations and daily life.   The 99% ain’t happy.  What truly serves us will remain.

Re-routing Human Evolution2021 will be a very different kind of year.  Collectively we’ll get the “bill” for our actions or lack of actions and personally “paid-off” for our efforts.  Minimalism is making a comeback – “just the essentials.

What do I really NEED to sustain myself and my family?  Faith – effort – attention delivers a much brighter future than we’ve ever known.  But it requires a cold-hard-objective-assessment of what is truly important and how “I am” participating in progress?  Not choosing is still participation – surprise!  We are each responsible.

If you say 2020 is “kicking my a$$” – it will.  If you can accept that the world is changing and see what’s emerging from the ashes – then you too – shall rise.  This is the hard part – making the transition from “nothing is changing” – to – “everything is changing” while staying focused on “my daily life.

Focus-Focus-Focus.  Look inside for answers – instead of outside Self – it’s where we keep the TRUTH hidden from ourselves.  And that is NOT a Conspiracy Theory – look inside – see for yourself.

Humans KNOW so much more than they realize – but we were taught to look “out-there” for the answer.   Trust yourself and instincts above all others.

This is a mass awakeningIt’s not for the faint of heart!  Can you feel the change inside yourself?  Chances are higher than average a noticeable inner change will be felt this week.  Roll with it – allow for uncertainty.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well! ❤


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