2020 – Sunday Blessings – Don’t Look Down

“Dharma – (noun) – the divine principles of the Universe.  Consciousness of being a part of the Universe and the fulfillment of the moral and social duties of your station in life.  The body of teachings expounded by Buddha.” 

Credit: Pinterest (hanging bridge – Zillertal Alps)

Compassion means respecting others Journey in Life.  Nostalgia doesn’t need a real past – an imagined past works just fine.  Look up.  Look in.  Look outDon’t look down.  The abnormal-normal will begin closing – when “eventually” and “enough is enough” finally converge at the beginning of August. Compassion turns into Freedom!

What is best for everyone?

Life itself – is neutral.   It is NOT good nor bad.  What we see out there is based in what we believe.  What we believe is based on what we think.  What we think is what we focus on.  What we focus on often rises from unconscious shadows of old memories trying to rise to the surface.  It’s the part of “us” we have dismembered – disregarded – disavowed and scares us “to death” to get us to pay attention.  What is required is awareness of “my intention – values and willingness to action on them.”

How BIG is your Brave?

Denial is the first sign of grief.  Anger comes next – then bargaining – depression – and finally we reach acceptance.  We’ve made a great deal of progress since March.  Grief does not always follow neatly outlined timelines either.  It’s a process.  Some move faster than others through the process of grievingWhen something is hard – it’s always a call for compassion.

Drawing a line in the sand – setting a boundary – letting go of an unconscious memory.  Choosing between family and work – people and profit.  Damned if you do – damned if you don’t – some will say.  A growing majority see it differently.  With just enough tension created – real movement can occurWe’re there!

There is no “end-game” there is a “long-view.”   The “long-view” started “way back when.”   After 2500 years of a patriarchy + 500 years of capitalism + 50 years of globalization – we can see something just isn’t working here.  We’re working from the “bottom-up” now.  Don’t look down – look UP!

Two things happened on March 27, 2020Comet Neowise was discovered – and the US overtook the world as the leader in Covid-19 deaths.  The Ancients believed that Comets foretold major change on the horizon.  Coincidence or Prophetic Synchronicity?  We EACH assign meaning and value to what “we see” out there in the world.

By assigning value we give meaning to people – situations – events.  What if we were to discover OUR planet “can’t breathe?”  What if we were to discover that – collectively – Humans unconsciously created the virus?  It’s called “Mind Blindness” – just like Plato’s Cave – shadow work.  We get what we expect.  We’re often disappointed with our expectations though – that’s when we begin to recognize – assimilate and integrate the Unconscious Shadow.  It dances in the darkness and can free the forgotten part of us we call “my Soul.

What if the goal for Humans was really to work together and get along togetherWhat if we weren’t supposed to fear others?  Who profits from the FEAR?  Follow the money – ALWAYSWhat if – it’s all just an introduction into a new phenomenon and we call it the “Cosmic-Quantum-Field?”  Doing what’s best for everyone will pay off big in DecemberWe’re getting there!

Acceptance is just over the horizon – but will require EFFORT.  Everyone gets little “signs.”  If not – ask for a “sign” and expect to get one.  The trick is when receiving a “SIGN” go one step further and ask the “part of Heaven trying to come to Earth” for ITS meaning?  Try that before projecting human-unconscious-point-of-view onto anything.   Self AND Soul seek knowledge AND understanding.

This week – an adjustment will be needed to balance out the “whole.”  It will look different for everyonebut we’re all headed in the same directionConnectionWhat’s absolutely essential?  A window is opening to restore faith and hope.  Be inspired.  We’re literally “re-thinking” our reality and ONLY the REAL can encounter the REAL.

Make peace with Self – before trying to make peace with anyone else!

Ego or Essence?  Ego is easy to spot – it’s loud – brash – and wants/needs to be recognized – while Essence is comfortable in its own skin without the need for validation or recognition.  It just KNOWS.

It’s a Moment of AlchemytransformationDiscontent with the status quo serves as the foundation of change.  Whether we can see it or not – we are witnessing the course of human history being changed.  It’s neither fun nor pleasant.  As my grandma would say – “it’s not for the faint of heart.”  It’s just like learning to ride a bicycle – we have to learn new skills.  And we are far outside our ‘comfort zone.’   Being responsible for Self is the first stepHow do my words and actions affect others?

“Tears change people, remind them of what is important, and save their very souls.  Only a hardness of heart inhibits weeping and union.  There is a saying, a prayer, really, among Sufis, asking God to break one’s heart: “Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for a Limitless Love.”  ~Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Be yourself – you are more than enough.  We’ll begin back-tracking over the first 3 months of 2020.  It will take a couple of months.  We have to recover “lost pieces” of TIMEHow do I nourish myself and others?  What’s coming out of my MOUTH?  What am I putting in my MOUTH?  For those not being heard – so be it.  Sometimes “silence” can set the tone and frequency in a particular situation.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Focus on TRUE-NORTHTake breaks when needed.  The very air we breath is pure Loveconsider that!  It’s a gift of Life.  Many are feeling a longing within – for something that will be identified in the coming weeks – if it hasn’t been identified already.  Don’t bother asking anyone but “SELF.”  Look up.  Look in.  Look out.  Don’t look down. You are LOVED more than you will ever know.   All is well!  ❤












2 thoughts on “2020 – Sunday Blessings – Don’t Look Down

  1. absolutely love this one Robin!! Thank you!!

    On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 11:37 AM Being My Own Self wrote:

    > MyOwnShero posted: ““Dharma – (noun) – the divine principles of the > Universe. Consciousness of being a part of the Universe and the > fulfillment of the moral and social duties of your station in life. The > body of teachings expounded by Buddha.” Compassion means resp” >


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