2020 – Sunday Blessings – Rx – Good Medicine

“It has been said that people of the modern world suffer a great sadness, a “species loneliness” – estrangement from the rest of Creation. We have built this isolation with our fear, with our arrogance, and with our homes brightly lit against the night.” ~Robin Wall Kimmerer (Potawatomi Nation)

Credit: Sen Space TV (Live Long and Prosper)

Bridging worlds – the first step is always the hardest.  Those with ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’ are witnessing the course of history being changed.  It’s the beginning of the “End of the System.

Welcome to “Abnormal-Normal.  Cycles ending – Cycles beginning.  It’s scary and exciting at the same time.  The Earth has almost 8 billion “individual thinking cells” wandering about – acting as individual mirrors for Earth and Her New CreationOh – the irony.  The Earth NEEDS each of Herindividual thinking cells’ to NOT FIT INIt’s a radical thought – being yourself – your real Self.  True Self.

She moves in mysterious ways, doesn’t She?

It’s Good Medicine.  Do you remember how you felt when you discovered the truth about Santa Claus?  If you kind-of-knew the truth – what made you suspicious – leading up to the discovery?  It’s rare to be able to remember – but the Soul of Earth has not forgotten.  Replace SANTA with EARTH!  And She is alive!

Taking the Sideways-Escalator to the ‘next level.’  Ask anyone outside the US – people around the world have a love-hate relationship with America – many emotions.  When we ‘pity’ another we are stating “there is no hope.”  For the first time the world “pities” America.  Interesting.

The Earth is getting Her Crown as She is working overtime to rid Herself of a deadly virus.  Can you imagine what would happen if we all believed that the Earth was a living – thinking – organism?  You’d be considered totally ‘batshit-crazy’ in the mainstream world to believe such an absurdity.

Spring 2018Remember?  We were each presented an opportunity to ‘break a habit.’  We’re going to be checking in early September to get a progress report on how we’re doing – from the other side of the fence.  It takes courage to allow the Mind to be moved and changedand then speak out about it.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Revolution this week.  The Supreme Court opened a crack in door for Native Americans – in particular – the Creek Nation.”  (Click here to read the opinion).  The “Indian Lands” belonging to the Creek Nation in Oklahoma just happens to include Tulsa and guess what?  US Law does not supersede the Creek Nation law.  Oh, the irony!

The shadow of our Collective Unconscious is about to present itself to the world.  There will be more in the coming years.  We’re in the “In-Between” time between two very old cycles ending (Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn + Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius) – and the two new cycles beginning – one in January – the other in December.

For those who believe it’s just those folks on the “right” – please consider that America will have to face another Collective Shadow IF America ‘swings left’ in the coming election.  All SIDES have a Collective Shadow.  They hide in the Dark – in plain sight.  In 2021 every country on the planet will receive their “bill” for their response time to Coronavirus.  What’s the “price tag?”  It’s part of a plan for Human Evolution.  It always takes time.  Patience please!

This is simply the Abnormal Normal we’re going through right now.  Old Normal is outdated and New Normal hasn’t been created.  In-Between.  Capitalism works best for the 1%.  The 99% – well, not so much!  Grassroots and ‘ground-up’ is the starting point.  Focus on the children – they are the future.  Ride the wave over the next week – as we shine a light in the Shadows.

Stop trying to picture an outcome and just keep taking the next-step called – the Sideways Escalator.  We’re going to the ‘Next Level’ but it’s not UP or DOWNit’s sideways-inside-out.  Can you appreciate the opportunity to witness the course of history changing and being able to witness it – and KNOW you’re witnessing it?  Set instant gratification to the side and focus on True-Core-Self-Integrity – while remaining fluid.  Just ride the wave this week – it’s like putting on Harry Potter’s “Sorting Hat” as each of Earth’s “thinking cells” become more self-organizingRide the wave!

If you’re reading this – know that you are good – because up to this point in time – haven’t you always come out the ‘other side’ of plenty of BS in life?  This is no different.  We’re onto something here – contrary to what any institution tries to tell us!  Be Yourself.  Trust YourselfWhen was the last time you felt like you’d been truly “SEEN” as Yourself?  You might just surprise yourself this week.  All is well! 


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