2020 – Step 177: Subject To Interpretation

“Skills can be taught.  Character you either have or you don’t have.  ~Anthony Bourdain

Credit: Timo Heinz – “The Icelandic Eye”

Why do ‘good‘ things happen to ‘bad‘ people – and why do ‘bad‘ things happen to ‘good‘ people?  It’s all subject to interpretation – based on unconscious beliefs about “right and wrong | good and bad.”  For today – Our 6-week trip down Memory Lane is coming to a close.  It will be time to reset policy – procedure – rules – values – beliefs – thoughts – understandingStop thinking – start listeningDOING is ‘ego’s work‘ and BEING is ‘Soul’s work‘ – YES or NOIt’s all subject to interpretation.  Think back to around mid-May – is it obvious how compromises have been made to fit-in – be accepted – gain validation or be loved?  What’s more important – ‘doing or being?’   What if we were to discover that none of this really has anything to do with me – but rather – I am part of something much bigger than I can understand?  Be an extremely good Noticer today – Synchronicity is about to raise Her-Beautiful-Self UP – with a friendly reminder that “I am in the process of learning something I cannot fathom right now.”  So “what am I learning today?”  Answer without interpreting outer events (which are nothing more than a mirror of Inner-Self).  Life is a Grand Paradox!  Be the change you want to see – don’t be shy – everyone has something to contributeBe tender with Self and Other.  If you’re unsure – what would be the “title” of your Autobiography?  Don’t think – listen for the answerBe yourself – trust yourself!  No one is in charge – contrary to what they say – and NO – you absolutely DO NOT have to perform in order to be loved-valued-accepted.  You are more than enough.  Expect to find treasure today (subject to interpretation).  You are loved more than you can imagine.  All is well!  ❤

2 thoughts on “2020 – Step 177: Subject To Interpretation

  1. Thanks for this amazing view..
    Yesterday I felt the portal close on the past, it was bone solid done…
    The question I dared ask only once..”how deep does this flow”…answer received!!!
    Love to you and the most glorious light for your day!!


    1. Thank you Ms. Deb – Earth is going through a stage with a specific place in evolution with Cosmic Consciousness – a stage that is universally dispersed throughout the Cosmos. We are not unique. This not a random process – but a function of underlying principles and a dynamic within Cosmic Evolution itself. December 21, 2020 – Jupiter/Saturn @ 0 Aquarius arrives and we begin the “next leg’ of our journey as we’re here to help Earth! ❤

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