2020 – Step 174: Blessings in Disguise (Real-Time-Portrait)

“Crux – (noun) – a puzzling or difficult problem: an unsolved question.  An essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome.  A main or central feature (as of an argument).”

Credit: Wang Letian – “Eyes of Night” – June 21st Solar Eclipse

The 3rd Awakening has begunWAY – not WANTS – determines WHAT!  It’s oh-so-easy to allow ‘fear’ or ‘doubt‘ to take the wheel steering the ship.  We’ve all been there before – old patterns desperately trying to survive. We got our ‘first glimpse‘ of the future this weekend.  The children have been watching and we call them “Zoomers-GenZ-Alt-Tik-Tokers-K-Pop Fans.”  The Youth Movement is upon us.  New patterns.  New Normal.  For today – Nature restores equilibrium by relieving excess.  Taking responsibility for Self is taking back one’s power.  “Traditional wisdom” is more tradition than wisdom.  When attempting something ‘new and different‘ we rarely ‘get it right‘ the first time.  Is it possible to accept something – as it is – without agreeing to the “story” Self tells Self?  Unconscious memories gain in strength the longer they are ignored.  They’re easy to spot – it’s that ‘thing‘ that keeps happening over and over.  We’ll continue to unconsciously attract to Self what is ‘dying’ to be addressed.  Pause – observe – breathe.  The Universe will make ‘its next move‘ soon.  Patience.  Be teachable.  Be curious.  Seven billion travelers are in the process of adapting their Minds – creating a new life.  Some are ready.  Some are confused. Some resist.  Some embrace.  Life is as clear as mud right now.  Unconscious Emotion takes time to process.  Integrate.  Consider that Life is a Mystery and no one living in a ‘body‘ understands the ‘big puzzle‘ – just yet.  More to be revealed soon!  Take a walk – move your body – be nice and gentle with yourself and others.  You’re really going to surprise yourself when the “Lights” come on.  Keep going and pace yourself.  The Moon will be Full soon!  Have faith – we’re at the crossroads – Redemption is found on the Road to Recovery!  All is well!  ❤

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