2020 – Step 165: In-Between-Time (Depth of Irony)

“I am one with the Earth.  The Earth and my self are one mind.”  ~Jose Arguelles

Welcome to the Sideways-Escalator – please turn off autopilot function. The Collective Unconscious is ‘waking from a dream.‘  It’s an endless non-stop-feedback loop.  It’s OK to cry. The Revolution is being televised!  No one said any of this would be comfortable.  Drama is optional.  For today – the ‘lights‘ have been turned on.  Adjustment is required.  Synchronicity is strong.  The deeper the craving for change is a sign of deeper healing needed.  The Unconscious is easy to recognize – it NEEDS constant external validation.  Emancipation.  Self-Blindness.  It’s not spiritual nor religious.  It’s the Human Condition.  Life is unfolding – and it’s right on timeChallenge offers an opportunity to stretch – grow – unfold.  All that is ever asked of a person is to take responsibility for “my own creations.”  Pay attention today – as an answer to a prayer may appear – like a miracleIt will be missed though – if all that is sought is external validation.  We are each experiencing a ‘change OF Time.”  Be a good Noticer today – little things matter and remember – we are all part of the Human FamilyTrust yourself – above all othersTrue North – Inner Guidance is always simple – clear – repetitiveAll is well! <3

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