2020 – Step 162: Self-Evident

Credit: Jasson Todorov – “Age of Aviation”

Riding the WaveChaos always precedes birth.  The road to recognition is not linear – rather a long and winding road.  Twists and turns.  Three steps forward – two steps backAn old idea is being reincarnated.  For today – let’s try this again.  Is it really ‘double-trouble?‘  It’s official – sort of.  All that is ever asked of a person is to take responsibility for their own CREATIONS It’s a ParadoxUnwritten rules and unambiguous expectations – how does that work?  Half-assed effort won’t “cut it” anymore.  Let’s try something different today – three questions – three blanksfill in your own nameas if” you are “THECreator/Creatrix:what is __________ trying to understand today?  What is __________trying to accomplish today?  Who is _________ trying to BE?  Addressing issues from  3rd-person offers a different perspectiveIt helps break the old cycle!  Forgiveness HELPS too!  Be generous with it.  Never allow someone else’s limitations limit you!  Look DEEP inside – you’re closer than you realizeAll is well!  ❤

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