2020 – Step 161: Reverence and Awe

“Only in youth does coincidence seem the same as fate.  Later, we know that the real course of our lives is decided within us; our paths may seem to diverge from our wishes in a confused and pointless way, but in the end the way always leads us to our invisible destination.”  ~Stefan Zweig

Credit: Facebook
An uncomfortable truth arrives.  The “Promised Land” lies just on the other side of the ‘Wilderness.‘  Is reality what it should be” – or – “what is?”  For today – thoughts can easily get distorted.  Assume nothing – project less.  Pressure is building.  Can’t go back to a world that no longer exists.  Reality is created in the Mind – and Minds are in the process of being moved.  Can we please meet in the middle?   Life is a cumulative process where Nature relieves excess to make room for its own Evolution.  The Invisible is alive and wellNotice it today!  Consider it deep emotional healing that’s long overdue.  Check internal attitudeHow is it being expressed outwardlyThere’s a chance you may not be meeting the expectations of others.  How does that ‘feel?‘  What do ‘you think about that thought?’  (And it is just a thought) – Take a deep breath and exhale slowly – all that’s happening today is a chance/opportunity to recognize additional future options – that previously – would not have been an optionSurprise!  Need emotional warmth?  Look Inside. Keep moving through the doors and the trials that appear on the path – as they eventually lead to a clearing – where TRUE SELF resides.  Look for the Helpers!  Balance ALL sidesleft-right-up-down-in-outThere are more options than “Either/Or.”  Flow with your GO – and trust yourself above all othersAll is well!  ❤

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