2020 –  Step 158: Human Rising

“Capricious – (adjective) – governed or characterized by caprice: impulsive, unpredictable.”

Credit: Prince Eleazer – “The Yin and Yang of Follow The Leader”

Life outside the FishbowlActions speak louder than words.  Worthwhile is seldom easy.  No one said any of this would be easy.  The world will look totally different in 30 days.  Minds are being “moved.”  It takes time.  For today – the Soul is “cleaning house!”   Go deep – quiet mental chatter – a mystery is trying to reveal itself.  The Greater-Self resides in the Subconscious.  Be child-like with a true “beginner’s Mind.”  Be open.  Be curious.  Be teachable.  Be willing to learn.  Notice patterns (especially Self).  Listen to Greater-Self (intuition).  A choice is being made – pick a side.  Understand the needs of others.  Find common ground.  Watch for those oh-so-pretty-red-flags!  Do not ignore them.  That’s your Soul shouting a warning.  Nature is “doing HER thing.”  Allow time – tend to details.  “Chop wood – carry water.”  There will come a day when we lose the “labels.”  Labels create division.  Take off the “caucasian glasses.”  We each have a Spiritual Destiny – it’s calling out.  Educate yourself – research for yourself what you do not understand (aka context/back-story) – but look at it from the other side of the fenceThere is ONLY ONE RACE on this planet – it is called Human.  Whether we understand it or not – the Universe/God/Allah/Buddha(whatever you call your deity) has access to powerful tools to make us move away from ancestral beliefs that are not conducive to positive Human growth.  Be a good Noticer and “feel” the difference in your body.  It never lies – it has no agenda like Ego – which wants to feel safe with a guarantee of control.  Wake up!   This is NOT about Racism – it’s all about Anti-Racism.  Click on this link to learn more.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  We’re on our way now!  All is well! ❤

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