2020 – Step 155: Natural Essence

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here  on Earth.”  ~Muhanned Ali

Credit: KQED Series – Deep Look (Glasswing Butterfly)
Human Bias. Change Self first – before trying to change others.  Intolerance is a sign of smallmindedness.  One-Face – One Race – Human!  Creatively fix what is possible.  Compassionately forgive what is not possible.  For todayhow to manage disappointment?  What’s being overlooked or unspoken?  Expect illumination – understanding – clarity – perhaps an AHA moment.  There’s a catch though.  It will be found through innocence.  A New-Cycle is initiated today.  A new reality – we are each seeing “what I could not see in ME.”  Look in the Mirror of Self or Other.  It’s a climb – make no mistake.  Knowledge is being in accordance with Truth.  Prophecy is action in accordance with Truth.  Pressure starts building – as we head into the weekend – and it might be best described as a “Centrifugal Force.”  Welcome to the Spin Cycle. Relieving excess.  Be a good listener today!  Acknowledge the pastIt’s OK to come home empty-handed tooNothing is as it appears.  Be a good Noticer today.  How are you and your unconscious bias getting along?  (Click here to find out – it’s a series of quizzes and it’s an eye-opener.)    Life is “falling into place.”  Be curious.  Ask questions.  And then ask – “how does this empower me?”  Can I use this to help others?  Expect to be surprised – pay attention to serendipity and synchronicity – but remember – “I am the one giving meaning to my experience.”  One step at a time – we’re actually closer than we realize!  All is well!

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