2020 – Step 153: Zen Up!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  ~Helen Keller (RIP – 1968)

Credit: Earth-Sky – The 5 Petals of Venus (pentagram of Venus)

A Great Reset has begun The Future ain’t what it used to be – is itAssume nothing!  Beginner’s MindChoices.  Smartphones and Social Media reveal injustice – almost instantly and viscerally.  Grief and Rage. Without context it’s difficult to determine how to stop it. Time to take off the Caucasian GlassesFor today – be the change you want to see in the world.  Balancing out.  Within/Without.  You/Me.  There is a “mass awakening” headed our way – as a dwindling group discover they are the “New Minority.”  The Mind will take “shortcuts” to rationalize behavior – our own and others.  History doesn’t always repeat itself – but it does rhyme.  If it reminds you of 1968 – go back further – 150 years.  Research to see how “history is rhyming.”  Get comfortable with dichotomy – duality.  June brings a ‘turning point’ moment (several actually).  We’re witnessing the passing of the torch.  The goal now is to regenerate – repair – reweave integrity.  It will take great effort – greater patience – and plenty of time.  Be a good noticer today – remember – you’re walking on Holy Ground breathing Sacred Breath.  Listen inside for focus and – we each interpret the “shortcuts” the Mind likes to take.  Stay neutral – stay steadyZen Up!  Find Ethical Center – Inner True NorthRespect sows the seeds of peaceRemember that todayAll is well!

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