2020 – Step 130 : Harvesting Truth

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”  ~Arthur Ashe 

Wesak Moon

Welcome to The Transition!  Human is risk-averse.  Habit guides decisions. Soften limitation.  Moving from “top-down-command-and-control” into “grassroots-rising-up-growth” is going to require time and effort.  Eight hundred years before Jesus walked the Earth – Bodhidharma was spreading enlightenment in Asia.  It was his life callingFor today – Be like Buddha and imagine you are spreading a new truth It took resolve – determination – perseverance to continue on no matter what.  If it feels like we’re being tested – we are. Can you remain completely focused on your goal?  Look at what is TRULY motivating you.  Weed out half-truths.  Weigh ALL the options.  Looking for the easy-way-out isn’t really going to help now.  It will only deny us the opportunity to take responsibility for our own actions.  Half-heartedness creates distrust.  Be as creative as possible in ‘plotting a course of action’ for Self – this is going to take some time – months!  Be flexible – detach from the drama – be patient – do not waver in purpose.  Resilience is needed to endure hardship – external pressure and emotional intrigue.  SimplifyWhat is essential?  Health or wealth?  Relationships or possessions?  How much energy is required to live your life?  Time is a precious commodity – how precious is it to you?  Be kind.  Do no harm – take no sh*t.  Trust yourself above all others.  You have more options than you realize – but it requires breaking the ‘habit of myself‘ first – then the ‘way’ opens. You’re a Mighty-Spirit!  Did you know that?  Look back at all the challenges you’ve faced so far in your life.  Remember ALL that “bad sh*t” you made it through?  Congratulationsyou have a 100% success rate – don’t forget itAll is well! ❤

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