2020 – Step 126: Worlds Within Worlds

“I realized our planet is not infinite.  It’s fragile.”  ~Alan Shepard (1st American in space – 1961)

Credit: Karthik Ak – “Flamingos Greeting Each Other”

It will be “over” when Human can buy unlimited amounts of TP.  What if stay-at-home‘ wasn’t really necessary?  What if – the reason restrictions were necessary was because our healthcare-sickcare system would have collapsed?  Trust in a government is abstract.  Death counts are real.  Cabin fever or confidenceFor today – question everything.  Something old is new again.  Deep thought delivers deeper perception.  Presence. Resilience. Compassion.  When in doubt – follow the money.  It’s the quickest path to coming out of illusion-delusion-denial.  Between now and January 2022 – we’ll each be tasked with uncovering personal TRUTH.  It’s called “deliberate practice.”  That means intense FOCUS on a skill – practice or ability.  Think Micro-Steps.  Break it down into small pieces/bites for easier consumption or understanding.  Watch for those ‘things‘ that move out of the corners of sight.  All that glitters is NOT gold – no matter how many wishes “I make.”  Move your body.  Get out in Nature if at all possible.  Life can often take us on crazy-wild-side-roads to get us to learn what we forgot to learn – to see what I couldn’t SEE.  Consider today a “learning day.”  Long-term.  Big picture.  That’s the goal.  Thoughts become things – and we’re each bringing something to life.  Indecision is a decision.  Collaborate – not dictate.  You’re better prepared than you realize and loved more than you can possibly imaginePlease be KINDAll is well!

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