2020 – Step 125: Choose Your Own Adventure

“Collimate – (verb) – to make parallel.”

Credit: Unknown

Look inside – Find a mirror.  Settle down.  Is Home is a state of mind where ‘self-definition‘ begins?  For today – secret/sudden information/insight – unconscious/subconscious revelations.  Where’s this coming from?  Think back to around February 25th!  That’s a good starting point.  What is valued above all else?  That’s the direction of “my-next-adventure.”  Careful now – the Mind is a Meaning-Machine.  The bigger question – “is my desire for connection so overwhelming that I am willing to accept the fantasy of an old-love or emotionally-unavailable-love as the be-all-end-all?”  Is this the “best for me?”  Look at personal thought-processes and how “I am able to manipulate my own thinking” – as the answer reveals the layers of Ego seeking certainty or safety.  Life is complex – and Ego wants security above all else.  Remember – the Ego is the part of us that fears Death – because when the body expires – the Ego believe it will cease to exist.  Introduce Ego to Soul – if possible.  Make friends INSIDEDetermination – Resolve.  Step-By-Step. Stop thrashing.  There’s a whole new picture rising Inside.  Sometimes – when all has been learned from a situation/relationship the Soul will ask for “hand-up” to be lifted out of a particular situation.  Accept the help.  All things are possible now – we’re creating a New Normal!  It’s pure Alchemy!  Some will choose to burn bridges to light their next path.  There’s no right or wrong.  We each get to choose now – do not allow others to make choices for you.  Be kind to yourself and others.  There’s a wonderful opportunity to SEE the world and relationships with brand new eyes!  Can you “see” the TruthKNOW YOUR WORTH!  Baptize those “ghosts!”  May the FIERCE be with you!    All is well! ❤

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