2020 – Step 124: Sunday Blessings – The After-Shock

Signs and symbols rule the world, not rules and law.”  ~Confucius

Credit: WLKY Louisville

Welcome to May 2020 – “As The Earth Spins.”  Warp-Speed ahead.  Empires rise and fall in 500-year-cycles.  America will celebrate it’s 250th birthday in a few years.  The edges now visibly crumbling.  There is ONLY one race on Timeship Earth – HUMAN!  For today – is it really ‘happiness’ – or – is it a “meaningful/ worthwhile” life we seek?  The “After-Shock” arrives this week as America is “opening for business” again.  No one is talking about how “we the people” are going to respond the “Grand-Re-Opening.”  Collective Values have changed and we’ll all get a chance to see what it looks like Click here to see where we are right now!  How do we determine the “VALUE” of a human?  What have “you NOT missed” during stay-at-home?  Nothing is clear and Information-Overload is headed our way.  The question is “how are my actions affecting others?”  Be kind.  Take nothing for granted.  Question everything.  One of the hardest truths for America to accept is that the Founding Fathers liednot everyone is EQUAL.  No one owns the TRUTH.  How can I best communicate “my truth?”  Sheros and Heros are being born from the change-over from “top-down-command-and-control-heirarchy” into a “bottom-up-grassroots-movement.”   Just be yourself – actions ALWAYS speak louder than words!  Thank you for your patience as America grows up.  All is well!  ❤

2 thoughts on “2020 – Step 124: Sunday Blessings – The After-Shock

  1. It is interesting to witness the vibrations of perceptions from all corners of humans reactions to this very real situation. Focus is all over the floor and the ceiling. In the silence of movement..of human and machine…the expansion to see that which has been covered is surfacing. Where I live, central valley of cali…I can see the mountains of the Sierra and the coastal mountain range…each morning..all day…and sunrise and sunsets are amazingly pure..
    These are the sights from the 1950s and 1960s eras…
    There is a palpapable frequency of dominos falling……and there is something calming about it…like FINALLY…here comes the Sun!!!! Shinning brand new energy ..like a magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale!!!!
    I wish you blessings of good cheer and wellness..Love..Light..and Smiles today
    Be Safe…


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