2020 – Step 112: Miracles and Mayhem

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car you’re still paying for – in order to get to a job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”  ~Ellen Goodman

Credit: Arizona Wildlife

RESET.  No snake ever resists shedding its skin – no matter how painful or uncomfortable.  The winds of change are changing direction.  Waking up to Self.  Tectonic Shift.  For today – facing the facts of limitation – detach from the DRAMA.  Who/What are you no longer willing to “kill yourself for?”  Conversations – dialogue – high level discussions.  Consider all sides and be OK with ‘sitting still.‘  There’s a ‘Pause-In-Progress.’  What has been avoided is clearly present today.  It’s not about changing the frame – it’s about changing the picture IN the frame.  When the same thing keeps happening over and over – consider the common denominator – yep – “it’s me.”  FOCUS and GRATITUDE is our personal broadcast system.  Pay very close attention to the body – physical surroundings and five-senses.   Remember – NO is a complete sentenceIt’s OK to say NODeliverance is beginning.  Consider bold ideas and risky moves.  The Universe is re-routing everyone on the planet and creating an opportunity for alignment – that up to now – has only been a dream.  It takes courage to ‘shed the skin’ – but – on the other side of the bridge is self-reliance – gentle acceptance and the patience of (re)creation.  Exercise Self-Love – turn off media – unplug – get outside.  When was the last time you walked out the door – stopped and said, “hello Outside!”  Miracles rise from mayhem.  It’s as natural as breathing.  It requires being responsible for self and “my decisions.”  This ain’t no fairy tale – this is LIFE PURPOSE!  It’s not for the faint of heart.  Be real.  Keep it real.  Do no harm.  Take no Sh*t.  The truth will set you free today!  We’re all going through the same storm – but we’re not all in the same boat.  We’re all rowing though!  Be a good noticer.  All is well!  ❤

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