2020 – Step 110: Sunday Blessings – Change Over Habit

“How is it possible that a teacher talked in this manner to a woman about secrets which we are ignorant? Must we change our customs and listen to this woman? Did he choose her and prefer her to us? —Gospel of Mary Magdalene 17:9-20
Credit: Heather cox Richardson (Letters from an American)
On down the road there will be a Calendar change. No Human alive has ever witnessed that kind of change.  Organic – Natural Living.  It takes 21 days to integrate a new habit.  Ripples in Time.  A Storm can destroy – or – it can clear a pathFor today – energy is never lost – it simply accumulates and waits for the ‘next cycle.‘  The question is NOT – “what do I want” – the question is “what does my Deeper-Self desire?”  It’s time to start giving form to ideas – thoughts – dreams.  Mother Nature is putting on a show.  When looking at Nature – please consider how “I am” perceiving it.  Now consider how others are perceiving it.  We all see the same picture but interpret it differently.  TRUST YOUR OWN PERCEPTION OVER OTHER’S.  In the coming weeks – opportunities will come around again.  Use it or Lose it.  It’s a personal choice.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  One man’s passion is another man’s poisonSelf-Care is the priority.  Think back to around January 13th and February 17th + March 30th. You discovered that NO is a complete sentenceRemember?  Gratitude is a ‘sorting tool.’  It’s how “I” give the Universe ‘feedback.’  It’s how we ‘steer our flow.‘  Approaching ‘quantum growth‘ means the change begins within and moves outward.  It can feel like finding a Treasure Map. It’s rising from the Subconscious.  Redefining reality.  People shut out new ideas because they are NOT in harmony with “Self-Concept.”  Overcoming self-hatred – fear – judgment opens doors Inside.  Why do “I believe” others when they tell me ‘who I am?‘  Notice ‘little things‘ today.  Expect to be surprisedAll is well! ❤

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