2020 – Step 105: New Dance Steps

“Be vigilant and allow no one to mislead you by saying ‘here it is’ or ‘there it is.’  For it is within you.”  ~Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Credit: Universe Dope – Yosemite Falls

Depersonalizedo not take the Universe personally.  It’s not about “me” – it’s about “us.”  Today brings a “teaching moment” for all Visitors.  Time is unrolling itself to reveal the next realityThe opportunity for Quantum-Growth we’re experiencing right now would not be available during the ‘Old-Normal–Times.’  It’s a once in a lifetime moment.  Humans are paying the price to maintain Status-Quo of prioritizing WEALTH over HEALTH.  This is a rare moment of Grace for those who can sit STILL in ‘no sound – no noise – no space.’  What do “I” need to be forgiven for?  Who/What do “I” need to forgive?  Forgiveness raises the Vibration.  The Universe has graciously provided Major-Rerouting for the benefit of all.  Our Value-System has been upended.  Balance Head and Heart.  Expect – (profound in some cases) – Inner Realization.  We are each in transition.  Save opinions and judgment of the current situation – until “I have all the facts.”  We NEED the ‘whole story.‘  On the brink of an important discoveryWhat is Sacred is NOT Valued.  Long buried emotions rise to the surface (quickly in some cases).  An adjustment is needed.  Stabilize the Eternal in the Physical.  When a person figures out what’s preciouswaste is clearly perceived.  What is being ‘wasted‘ and can it be recycled/upcycled?  We each have until May 5th to decide.   What is the Highest-Good for everyone?  There are many paths available.  The only mistake we can make is letting the ‘chance’ to be reborn go. Trust the Great Mysterynot all can be explainedSerendipity and Synchronicity are alive and well – live-streaming direct from the Creation-Source.  Listen WITHIN today.  Turn knowledge into wisdom – so experience becomes Magic.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for! Every storm runs out of rain.  TRUST YOURSELFYou’re closer than you know. Observe.  Remember – “not my circus – not my monkeys.”  All is well!

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