2020 – Step 103: Sunday Blessings – Life After Death

“Expiate – (verb) – to extinguish guilt incurred by; to make amends for.” 

Credit: Ebay

Walking on quicksand.  What if Jesus didn’t die to ‘save me‘ – but instead – Jesus died to “show me HOW to save myself?”  What if all consumer purchases were made on a sliding scale based on incomeWhat if actions matched words?  What if Human was held accountable for the “intent” of spoken words?  What if Humancitizens‘ were given equal value as Corporatecitizens?”  For todaywhy would I put my happiness in the hands of another?  Can “I” lovingly observe the situation?  Are the beliefs/thoughts ‘I think/believe’ my own – or did “I” absorb them from “The Herd?”  How much courage does it take to sit in personal darkness?  Think back to October 2019 + around January 13th – what can I see clearly now that I could not see then?  What will it take for “me” to “forgive myself and/or other?”   When was the last time “I said NO?”  When the quarantine is over – “will I go back to sleep now that I’m  awakened?”  Slow down.  Observe.  Coming Home to Self.  Questions will be answered in the coming days.  Get ‘right’ with Self before engaging Other.  Trust yourself above all others.  Work with limitation – it’s a tool bestowing maturity and resilienceMove at a pace that allows assimilation of deep changes.  We often rush through the process because of perceived discomfort.  Be kind and gentle with everyone.  For once – we’re all truly rowing the same boat.  Reopening unfinished business.  Deeper-Self has an agenda too.  Be self-aware.  Laughter is healing – belly laughs are the best.  Changing 7+ billion points of view takes time. When the Soul is ready to ‘spread its wings‘ it goes through an intense process of purification and initiation.  The Light-Inside each of us is the SAME – it’s just in different stages of developmentListen slowly – Embrace the ResurrectionAll is well!

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