2020 – Step 96: Sunday Blessings – Holy Week

“O friend, if you want to be written on, become a blank page.”  ~Rumi

Credit: Mind Unleashed Art – FB

Palm Sunday – the day Jesus returned to Jerusalem after “sheltering-in-place” for 40 days to pray.  The Road to Resurrection.  Without endings there can be no beginnings.  Human feels vulnerable when faced with deterioration and separation.  For todayget naked with your Soul.  Calm down.  Instead of seeing things that are naturally in opposition we place positive OR negative values on them (light/dark).  We see sadness as a threat to happiness and death as the defeat of Life. Our bodies are in a constant cycle of death and regeneration at the cellular level – yet – when facing the process in daily life we perceive it as excruciatingly painful. Nothing stresses Ego out more than being exposed as weak or at a disadvantage.  No matter which side of the fence you are standing on – see “WHAT IS.”  We now know what’s essential – sacred – important.  Can you accept that impermanence is an integral part of Life?  Consider your Soul is your greatest Cheerleader.  In the end all will be revealed – when the TIME is RIGHT. Not a moment before.  We are NOT working on Human-Timeline – we are on Nature’s Time.  No matter how you ‘feel’ about the Virus – it offers gifts.  Be grateful for the ‘ordinary.‘   Self is reorganizing into small groups – which in time – will join with other small groupsSELF-TRUST is crucial – we’ve been taught to trust others to lead and look out for our best interest.  Hmmm.  If you need help – reach out.  We’re not losing our religion – we’re in the process of losing ourspecialness.”  That’s where we depend on others to validate our own self-worth.  Let’s not do that anymore.  Try validating yourself today.  Is it easy or hard?  Let go of “letting go” – there’s nothing wrong with you or me.  We just forgot to remember our True Self.  Be kind and gentle to Self and Other.  Move away from that which drains you – move toward that which lifts you.  It’s called Change Over Habit!  Be conscious of thoughts – deeds – words – actions.  They create ripplesKeep your sense of humor. You’ve so got this and you are loved more than you will ever know!  All is well!

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