2020 – Step 94: The Syncing Feeling

“The frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you’ll grow out of it.”  ~Doris Day (HBD)

Credit: Rob Fischer – “Apricot Orchard Overlooking Red Rock Cliffs”

Moral HazardBe Presence.  “All” Human is sharing a “moment in time.”  Recalibration – ResilienceImprovisation – Adaptability – Integration – Assimilation. Collective SoulThe Mother PrincipleHuman is not divided – Human is separatedFor todaydefining True North.  Activate GPS – Galactic-Positioning-System – factory installed by the Creator Herself – to experience a Greater Reality. Sounds lofty – but it’s simple.  It’s called “surrender.”  The male species has an aversion to that word – because ‘surrender‘ is seen as weaknessNot so!  It’s actually STRENGTH.  Females live it directly through menstruation and childbirth surrendering to their body once a month.  Adapting to biology.  Corona means “Crown” and if there ever was a metaphor for what’s happening to Humanity it is the “baby is Crowning.”  We are preparing for the birth of a New Normal.  Between now and August it will take ‘rejecting‘ the old normal to bring in the new.  It’s the “She-Energy.”  CV-19 is a bringer of Gifts.  The Soul KNOWS what’s going on – even if Ego doesn’t.  Take nothing for granted.  Get outside if possible.  Breathe.  Use the time given during lock-down to re-imagine NORMAL. Bubbles start ‘popping‘ this weekend.   Clarity is coming into view.  Identify what is of Greater ValueSELF-TRUST is needed.  Very important.  Be kind.  Be generous with humor – belly laughs go a long way in dismantling stress and fear of the Unknown.  Have faith.  Be optimistic.  This is a process and you are further along than you realize.  You are loved.  We’re ‘syncing-up.‘  All is well!

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