2020 – Step 90: The Art of Bowing

“Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scenery.”  ~A.C. Benson

Credit: NASA/JPL (Saturn from Cassini)

April begins at the end of March.  Slow down as fast as possible.  Celebrate the ordinary.  Human is being forced to move into a New Age.  Priorities altered.  Relationships redefined.  Social Accountability.  New words.  New definitions.  New-New-Different.  For today – how many questions could we answer with “Yes, if ____________?” Great things are accomplished through a series of small steps.  We eventually call it a “Leap.”  This isn’t a ‘crossroads-moment’ – rather – walk between the roads.  Keep only what is essential and needed.  We’re coalescing Community.  It all sounds good – but will require sustained step-by-step effort in the coming days/weeks.  Are you up to it?  Discipline.  Fortitude. Calm-Clear-Hearts-NeededCollectively – we’re standing in the space between ideas and realitySuccess – in the past – may not mean that much in the future – neither will failure Nature is balancing.  Mother Earth is purging.  As the old (unconscious) saying goes – “if Mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy.”  We’re becoming self-aware of the Conscious-Now-Moment.  Optimism is good – do not allow the coming Pause to stop the flow of kindness or generosity of goodwill.  Human is learning to Bow – it’s called Mutual Respect.  Small cycles bow to Greater-CyclesEgo bows to Soul.  Mind bows to Heart.   Human bows to Nature.  Gravity wins in the end.  It’s a new concept for the majorityWe all laugh-eat-cry-poop in the same language.  This time we’re living in will be remembered as “The Great Gift.”  Remember that!  We are on our way – one step at a time!  All is well! ❤

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