2020 – Step 89:  Sunday Blessings – Mysterial Algorithm

“Mysterial – (adjective) – mysterious; mystical.”

Credit: Spaceweather.com (Astro67)

Everyday reality does not exist until it is observed.  Is it possible that the mental world is a Transpersonal Mind behaving according to natural laws which transcends the individual psycheFor today – think back to around Valentine’s Day – remember?   The Rolling Stones sang – “you don’t always get what you want – but if you try – you might just find – you get what you need.”  Six weeks ago we were each different.  In 6 more weeks – it’ll be different again.  Coronavirus is a chance for us to practice “protecting the weak and vulnerable.”  We don’t normally do that – as a “whole.”  Actions always speak louder than words. The masses wake-up.  Instead of “me-me-me” – suddenly it’s “we-we-we.”  Here in the US – States have taken their power back and made decisions as to what’s best for everyone.  The “kids” are gown-ups and don’t need to watch “mommy-and-daddy-fight-anymore.”  Passing the Torch.  Who else but Herself-Creator – – the Infinite-She could manifest such global change?  New services – products are coming to life.  Innovation is happening – lightening fast.  Question – “what does my Soul-Self want me to see today?”  The slaves were freed January 12th (Pluto-Saturn-Capricorn-500-year-cycle-ended) and are just now starting to discover all the distractions used to avoid living my best life – seeing the potential for endless possibilityLives and Life are suddenly precious again – people are seeing the truth about their personal existence in a Transpersonal World. It’s personal – it’s habit-changing – it’s Mysterial.   In the end – it’s a Moral Choice – which is more important – saving the economy – or – saving peopleClear and calm Hearts needed.  What will “I do with all those ‘shadows I’ve collected?’  Great work is ahead of usHave faith in humans. Thank you Coronavirus.  Love you!  All is well!

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