2020 – Step 86:  Rest – Reset – Repeat

“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all the same horizon.”  ~Konrad Adenauer (1st Chancellor of West Germany)

Credit: Elk Raven Photography

From ‘Then to Now.’  Re-Self-Organizing.  If Human was being ‘born’ – this would be the ‘crowning phase.’  Almost there.  Nature is elegant.  Right after the female gives birth a big dose of oxytocin rushes into the brain and erases the memory of the pain.  For today – delay of the land.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  Decline the drama.  Thoughts of the Future take us away from the present.  Turn off auto-pilot – get back in the body. Since Christmas beliefs and thoughts have been spiraling inside.  It’s call the Path of Rediscovering Real-Self.  Can you bear the chaos so your Soul can spread fresh Wings?  Fortitude.  It’s now time to attract a situation (unexpectedly) to see how new beliefs and thoughts match up to New-Self. Answers are always found in the questions. Simplicity is found complexity.   It’s a Paradox.  If we knew what to “expect” – how could we ever be surprised by lifeNature is balancing Herself out – no one knows how it will all play out. Patience please.  Life is a process.  We’re learning new skills and little things matter.  Don’t be a doormat. Kindness counts. Not everyone is on the same frequency – it’s neither positive OR negative.  It’s just different.  We do not have to believe exactly alike to get along.  Most are trying to make sense of something they never dreamed possible.  Progress is being made – exponentially.  This is good.  Suddenly – we’re all Equal!  It’s right-on-time.  All is well!

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