2020 – Step 83: Spiral Nest – Small Cause – Big Effect

“Bridled Wisdom – (noun) – wisdom contained in a fence of self-congratulations.” ~Marshmellow Message

Credit: Unknown – Red Madagascar Owl

Without distance – personal values can be hard to see.  There can be no strength without weakness.  In the ‘rush-rush-hurry-hurry‘ of life – there is hardly any time for self-reflection – especially regarding commitments.  Are they worth it or not?  For today – choices and decisions made +/- a few days will have great impact and consequences.  Check motive + intention.  Is this choice what’s best for everyone – or is it purely for self-gain?  Results may vary – but consequences arrive AugustOctober – December.  Take nothing for granted.  We are each choosing a path to pursue – based on current circumstances – that are forcing us to let go of that which is no longer needed.  We experienced this ‘power-push-pull‘ during the last week of August 2018.  But – we want security – certainty – guarantees.  What happens when an Outcast + an Outsider meet an Outlier?  What is NOW possible?  Think “Root-Chakra” purge – Toilet PaperWhat sh*t needs to be cleaned up?  We are creating a New Normal.  We’re learning to work together – from the bottom upto create solutions we didn’t know we needed 2 weeks agoMeet in the Middle!  Patience – fortitude – perseverance.  Life’s Algorithm is re-booting with new upgradesSlow down before “pushing the old buttons you used to push.”  Breathe. Calm. Steady. Neutral.  Nothing is as it appears.  More to be revealed tomorrow. Remember – the Sun doesn’t rise for us – we’re turning to meet the SunExpect AlchemyPerspective.  Pancake parties optional!  All is well!

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