2020 – Step 82: Sunday Blessings – Lucid Un-Dreaming

Between Order and Disorder is the point of spontaneous creation – it’s called The Chaosmos.  Beginner’s Mind.  For today – keep it simple.  Identify the problem.  State what needs to happen.  Offer to help.  It’s not Social Distancing – it’s Physical DistancingLove is Medicine.  Self-organizing. Reorganizing Community.  It’s not “why is this happening” – – it’s – – “what am I leaning?”  Ever noticed – when first trying to change a particular behavior – it feels awkward?  It feels ‘fake.’  That’s OK – but with continued practice – new behaviors begin to feel more natural – authentic.  It takes practice – practice – practice.  Please be patient with Self and Other.  Please be kind to Self and Other.  Please know that much will be revealed that no one can imagine right now.  2020 brings Humanity to a Reset-Point.  Please keep your sense of humor.  No one alive has ever been here.  We’re learning together – as we go folks.  Get outside in Nature if at all possible. Remember – necessity is the Mother of Invention!  Let’s Be Creators – Makers of Magic – expect Miracles and better news might surprise you when you least expect itHow?  Ask the Universe “how can I help today?”  Do NOT ask unless you want the answer.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well! ❤

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