2020 – Step 78: Bending Light

“Caremongering – (noun) – groups that offer to help others in their community – particularly those at higher risk of health complications due to coronavirus.”

Credit: Gerard Ngo – “The Wanaka Sunset”

Corona means “Crown.  Time and Value.  Reaching completion.  Human is witnessing ‘Consciousnesswaking up.  Truth and wisdom hide in deformity and dysfunction.  How much is Human willing to receiveFor today – ​Long distance Vision required now.  What does “tomorrow” look like?  OBSERVE.  Be a Witness.  Cycles seemingly are merging.  In reality – the cycles merged months ago but recognition arrived ‘all of a sudden.‘  ​The Slaves are freed.  We’re witnessing a massive ‘root-chaka‘ purge.  Fight or flight.  Survival.  Without understanding and integration – HURT becomes an undesirable burden.  If experiencing fear/paranoia – ask Self – “which part of me is scared – what am I afraid of?”  Gratitude has the power to heal and raise the VibrationName five things you’re grateful for right nowGratitude raises the VibrationLightness.  Focus on ‘this moment‘ and the next step will appear.  Is there something in your life that “is no longer of service to you?  Can you gently let it go?”  Think back over the first half of January 2020. One can do it alone – all one – a lone.  It’s a personal choice.  One of the greatest blessings we’re all experiencing is seeing exactly how “interconnected we really are.”  No one has been left outbut we’re each having a different reaction/response to global change.  The word “Caremongering” did not exist a few days ago.  (It started in Canada – love my Canadian friendsThat’s how fast we’re moving.  Humans are rising to the occasion. There is positive and negative present – we choose what to experience.  Steady. Neutral. One-step-at-a-time.  Focus on RIGHT NOW.  Life is in motion – gaining momentum. Help arrives when we need a ‘boost.‘  Accept the help.  You have so got this.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well! ❤

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