2020 – Step 77 – Gathering Begins

“Celebrate your accomplishments, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.”  ~Mia Hamm (HBD)

Credit: Jakub Rybicki – “Glymur Seagulls”

Flatten the CurveTime passes exponentially.  Until it’s gone.  When Human comes together new pathways are opened – new bridges are constructed – Souls Ignite.  Little things matter.  For todayself-reflection.  It’s time to learn what we FORGOT to learn.  ‘Feelings‘ cannot be seen.  We are living in extraordinary times. We’re witnessing outer change stemming from Inner-Changes that started Christmas 2019.  Welcome the detours – twists – turns.  Hardship and disaster are usually concentrated in one specific area – not a global level.  There are many positives headed this way.  A “Truth” arrives at the end of March. Self has an opportunity to “be WITH Self.”  That’s uncomfortable for the masses.  Instead of waiting for someone to “protect me” – a Grassroots Movement is rising from the “bottom-up.”  We’re setting the stage for an explosion of major innovation in every category of “life as I know it.”  We are creating new habits – learning the value of self-care – self-sacrifice and re-prioritizing “the most important thing.”  We each have an unconditional relationship with Life.  Be inspired by the depth and scope of change occurring.  The Universe will accomplish in one year what many have dreamed and longed for 20 years.  But it’s going to require collaboration – creativity – self-reliance – perseverance – fortitude.  We’ll be talking about this for years to come.  “I can BE my part and do My Best.”  Time to start planting new seedsRemember – there are many shades of gray.  Be kind.  Be generous with compassion.  Love Bigger.  Have faith.   Open yourself to receive the benevolence of the UniverseAll is well.  ❤


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