2020 – Step 75 – Sunday Blessings – Building Bridges (Intention + Motion = Flow!)

“Sometimes the scariest bridge to burn is the one between you and the person you thought you were.”  ~Tanya Markul

Credit: Corona of Sun – endgadget.com | The great North American total eclipse 2017.  This is the moment when totality comes to an end and the famous diamond ring is visible.

Life is a paradoxWhen Human protects others – Human is protecting Self.  What ‘need’ is being filled?  It’s all ‘coming together‘ now.  Human is learning to create FLOWFor today – trust Self and those who have proven themselves to be trust-worthy.  Goodwill and compassion are “currency.”  While they won’t ‘pay my bills’ – they are the foundation of making and manifesting what’s needed.  Victim – Survivor – Thriver – WHAT will ‘I be?’  There’s no pre-written script now – that’s not a problem either. It’s a positive.  We’re learning as we goThree steps forward – one step back – repeat.  Trial and error.  Creating a New Normal takes time.  Give paranoia a seat in the corner – along with wishful thinking.  See the big picture (chaos precedes birth).  Have faith.  Seasonal change ahead this week. We’re moving toward Resolution.  Listen to the Inner-Voice – trust yourselfClarityblossoms‘ this week.  Be generous with common sense.  All that’s happening is we are in the process of ‘losing our frame of reference.‘  Time to create a new one.  We’re all experiencing something we’ve never experienced before.  It’s a level playing field and Nature doesn’t discriminate.  BALANCE.  “Who/What am I living for?”  Self observation/reflection is a Gift.  It often brings ‘peace of mind.‘  Use this time period to reconfigure life if you’re not pleased with where you are.  There’s always a gift hiding in plain sight. See with the ears and listen with your eyes.  Be kind.  Be optimistic. You’re much further along than you realizeAll is well! ❤

2 thoughts on “2020 – Step 75 – Sunday Blessings – Building Bridges (Intention + Motion = Flow!)

  1. Thank you dear Sister…Raising the frequency is first an art..then it becomes habit..then it is a pattern in the tapestry we weave which vibrates at the speed of light…
    Elevation matters…
    How one responds is a direct reflection of that which we let go of and shed skins with..and fell down and rose yet again over and over…
    All these years of the awakening process….brought us to our mastery…
    Last Sunday..stores were still stocked..no chaos in america…..just chatter…then I went to work normal on monday…and I needed a few things so went to Costco on Thursday after work and as I walked through the parking lot that was unusually filled to the brim at noon…I felt the panic…it was strange and I walked through that door and it was a landscape I was not prepared for…within 5 minutes I saw people fighting and pushing and I just left my cart and walked out…
    My company closed all of their club houses…our offices are in our clubhouses…we are putting in New rent slot drop boxes at all clubhouses so there need not be entry. That’s just for starters…
    Welcome to the land that we must choose which elevation we will create in…
    By yesterday..I had centered on high ground and the flow creates new frequencies..
    Majestic Guidance…witnessed…
    Deep breath dear friend..we are ascending…
    LOVE and Blessings always


    1. Thank you, my dear. I am actually very encouraged. Yes – I went through the ‘shock’ too this week. This is “life” showing up for us AND moving ‘through’ us. By the time we get to Jupiter/Saturn in December – our lives are going to revolutionized in ways we cannot imagine right now. Oh – don’t get me wrong – we’re all going to be inconvenienced but man of man – what GENIUS I see from the Universe! Enjoy the ride – Ms. Deb – we’re going to come through this just fine. One step at a time! You are loved! ❤


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