2020 – Step 73: The Grand Experiment

“Independence is happiness.”  ~Susan B. Anthony (RIP)

Credit – Niphon Saengpuemg – “Light On”

The “Universal-Alignment-Algorithm” is now active.  Distraction occurs when discomfort gets triggered.  FocusDisciplineCourage.  Without Human the Economy does not matter.  PrioritizeFor todaylearning is acceleratedSelf-Care.  We are witnessing innovation in action – moving toward a Virtual World (remote work and learning).  It all feels so suddenChaos always-always precedes birth.  The ‘small-still-voice-Within‘ holds the Truth.  One person can only do so much – but together – we can move a mountain.  Re-routing in progress.  Everyone wants change.  Humanity is in the process of leaving the ‘status-quo‘ behind – while laying the groundwork for the Post-Millennial-Future-Forward.  Expect emotional intensity.  It’s perfectly normal.  It’s not about ‘healing a wound’ – it’s about ‘building a bridge to the other side.‘  Big question – “how can I protect others?”   Allow some time to see ‘where this is going.‘  What “I think/focus on” is “what I get.”  Thoughts become things.  Nature is a force and we are learning how to work with IT.  Give your ears a rest from the Mind-Chatter – and chances are good unexpected understanding can rise up to the surface.  Am “I” holding onto old positive experiences thinking that’s “the best I can do/be?”  Consider asking – “what’s waiting for me that I haven’t even conceived possible yet?”  Focus on that!  Be generous with ‘common sense.‘  If ‘fear-anxiety‘ is running under the surface – pull it up to the surface and look it in the eye – don’t be shyEgo likes to feel in control – Essence knows the truth at all times.  What’s really happening is a level of understanding of ‘how I gave my power away‘ and ‘I can now take it back.‘  Just look at how different you are today – versus Christmas 2019.  Unconscious is becoming Conscious. For perspective – remember – we are all currently cruising through time-and-space – on a hunk of rock – at 66,000 MPH – to a destination unknown – but – there is a Higher Hand driving the Mothership.  It’s truly a ParadoxTake a breath.  Slow down. We’re going to do this thing called “life” together now.  All is well!  ❤

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