2020 – Step 71: Angels Align!

“The unprepared mind cannot see the outstretched hand of opportunity.”  ~Alexander Fleming

Credit: Unknown

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Disruption arrives when realignment is needed.  Clarity Emerging.  For today – empathy and self-control have a lot in common.  Empathy is often compared to “walking in another’s shoes” and requires overcoming Self’s-PerspectiveSelf control is the same thing – EXCEPT – instead of ‘walking in another’s shoes‘ – we have to “walk in my Future-Self’s shoes.”  INTENT MATTERS!  Healing is available this week – but it requires balance between Present-Self and Future-Self.  Surprise – two points of view become ONE.  When we keep doing things the same way – we’ll keep getting the same thing.  Keep what is most important in ‘clear-sight.’ There’s a fork-in-the-road approaching Friday.  FOCUS.  It requires prioritizing what’s best for everyone – and please consider Self-Control to protect Future-Self.  Can the “wound” finally become a “scar?”  Don’t make mountains out of molehills – respect that we are each unique and no one on Earth has access to the Master Plan.  We’re going to have to work together now.  The Universe often gives us what IT needs – not what I want.”   Ouch!  What is repelling you from that ‘thing‘ you’re avoiding?  See the past from “the Other’s” point of view – and chances are good the ‘past’ can finally be forgiven and we can all ‘move on‘ now.  Be kind. Be teachable. Be yourself. Be generous with ‘belly-laughs.‘  Be OPEN to the Light.  Something that seems ‘wrong‘ might actually be ‘right.’  It’s a ParadoxAll is well! ❤

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