2020 – Step 68:  Sunday Blessings – Unredacted Thought

“Sea Change – (noun) – marked by change; transformation.  (Archaic) a change brought about by the sea.” 

Credit: Mystalk – Instagram

Practical Vision.  2020 is not a ‘page-turner‘ – rather – it’s ‘corner-turning‘ year for Human.  America – for the first time in its history – will not be voting for President – but VOTING or Vice-President. For today –  reconciling opposites – Either/Or.  Integration – bring Unconscious to the surface of Conscious.  Being able to trust Self – while being comfortable in your own skin is starting to “gel.”  Coming together.  Look how far you’ve come since (around) August 30, 2019.  Becoming aware of the Inner-Witness allows space and grace to observe Self and Other(s) through the eyes of Love-Compassion-Empathy.  “No – I don’t know everything – I don’t always get it right – and I understand I am perfectly flawed – and I’m OK with that.”  Messy Humans are beautiful.  Divine detours arrive when we ‘missed something‘ and is standard procedure for the Universal Re-Routing AlgorithmIt’s not a trick – it’s a chance to revisit a pattern from childhood that we forgot isn’t “in my best interest.”  One-by-one step-by-step we are recovering from our addiction to Fairy-Tales.  There “IS” Magic-and-Mystery – but it ALWAYS includes everyone – not just me.  We’re getting over our “Specialness.”  Nature does NOT discriminate.  There’s One-Race – Human.  We’re all the same inside – we just come in different colors and live in many shades of gray and beyond.  Beginner’s Mind.  Be kind.  Be open.  Be teachable.  Be conscious. Be compassionate.  Have empathy.  Judgment is a sure-sign of “self-judgement.”  Slow down – rest – get out in Nature if at all possible.  Be your best “Best-Self.”  You are much further along than you realize right now.  You are loved.  All is well!  ❤

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