2020 – Step 66: Scattering Ashes

“I never worry about the problem.  I worry about the solution.”  ~Shaquille O’Neil

Credit: Austin Kleon

Sacrifice means “to make sacred.”  Belief is a behavior.  It can and often changes through time. Progress usually appears to be impossible – until it becomes inevitableFor today – expect the unexpected this weekend.  A grand new vision is coming to the surface – but it requires naming a ‘ghost’ and baptizing the ‘fear.’  The Art of Bowing – small cycles (no less important) bow to larger cycles – humans (no less important) must bow to Nature.  In the end – Ego bows to the Soul.  It is inevitable.  Cycles are weaving time together in places long forgotten (early childhood) to reveal Unconscious Habits that cause Self-HarmNo one is perfect – we ALL have themThe difference is in being aware that they can reveal themselves to us at any momentMagic (the Algorithm the Universe runs on) is everywhere and nowhere at the same timeBe like the Spider.  Tend to the details.  If there’s a weak spot discovered in the web – repair it.  There’s a ‘tasty morsel’ headed this way.  Life is not going to work the way we expect it too – be flexible – adaptable – innovative.  Open the window in your Mind.  Feel the heat rising inside – is it passion or heartburn?  Want to take time offYou have PERMISSION Balance and center Self.  Imagination opens doors of Inspiration – which fuels passion – which creates the courage to make changes. You are READY for the weekend!  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Check motives.  If unsure ask – “why am I doing this?”  Answer honestly – go 3 layers deep to reveal any agendas hidden from SelfLove you!  All is well! ❤

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