2020 – Step 65 – Good Things Happen When We’re Not Paying Attention!

“It’s really easy to complain.  If your not careful, then you end up complaining about your whole life.  Concentrating on the good things is really good.  Catch people doing good.”  ~Lisa Williams (Poet)

Credit – Janice Katz – “Hungry Hummingbirds”

Misjudgment Day. Meaning/Purpose. Cause/EffectWhen the Student is ready the Teacher will appearORwhen the Teacher is ready the Student will appear.  Repeat in reverse.  For today – consider networking – collaboration and co-creation.  What does that look likeIntuition is DEEP-SPACE – never logical – nor step-by-step.  I’m not the same person I was yesterday.  It’s going to keep nagging at you until it’s allowed to manifest.  Consider giving “Ego” a day offIt’s long overdue – much neededEgo is tired.  Goals – lists – desires are going to change in the coming days – as more is revealed.  Shhh.  ListenThe sky isn’t falling – it’s simply changing Have compassion for the part of Self that lies to Self.  Pay attention to dreams – something is coming to the surface.  Is it possible that what’s ‘died’ is actually ‘shape-shifting‘ into a ‘miracle-waiting-to-happen?‘  Consider the NO in the present – does it mean ‘no-not-ever’ – or ‘no-not-right-now’ – or ‘no-not-in-this-form?’  Be a good Noticer – especially when different options start appearing.  Nothing is as IT appears.  We live in Self-Designed-Matrix.  Take responsibility for ALL projections placed on others.  See with your ears – listen with your eyes.  Magic can happen when least expected – if the Mind can be quieted to HEAR what’s rising from the HeartBlend.  Soothe.  Seek WIN-WINThis is Life – had it been a real emergency you would have been notified!  You are loved more than you can possibly imagine!  All is well.  ❤

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