2020 – Step 63: A New Hope

“Change before you have to.”  ~Jack Welch RIP

Credit: Queenisms


Change over habitThe end and beginning are in sight.  Stop buying fear.  Start selling hope.  Change can be uncomfortable – but it’s a signal that “transformation is in motion.”  For todaySelf-worth is the keyword.  Lighten up.  Be generous with humor.  See the irony.  When someone tells you who they are (with words or actions)believe them.  This week is an ‘in-between‘ time.  Be curious.  PLANT SEEDS EVERYDAY.  If if feels like you’re ‘flying blind’ – even better.  The eyes can’t always see and the mind can’t always comprehend.  It’s a paradox Conscious – Unconscious – Subconscious are being reconciled.  The Soul already KNOWS everything – the Mind wants certainty.  The irony is that if the personality got everything it wanted – we’d be shattered – we can’t handle that much – all at once.  Be OK with step-by-step.  Trust your body – it NEVER lies.  The brain is easily distracted.  Perception is seen as a streaming movie – but in reality – the brain is taking snapshots and filling in the blanks to ‘create the Movie of My Life.”  Am I living in an unconditional relationship with Life?  Answer self honestly.  Life doesn’t come with a guarantee.  Love deeply – forgive sincerely – dare greatly.  Trust Life to be Life – dispel expectations – be yourself – you really are more than enough.  Self-Love is NOT selfish.  Be kind.  It’s surreal.  Clarity is headed this way.  There’s more than meets the eye going on here.  All is well.  ❤

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