2020 – Step 62: Journey to a New Life

“Compassion is the basis of all morality.”  ~Arthur Schopenhauer
Credit: Unknown
Out-of-time-outcomes. Chop wood – carry water – OR – Chop water – carry woodRepeat in reverseWestlessness – the end of the subconscious belief in civilization supremacy.  Worry (mind) and stress (body) – click here – are caused by anxiety.  When concerns from the outer world affect Inner Peacefollow the money to see who is profiting. Always-Always-Always follow the moneyCountries have a Soul tooWhich is more important – protecting Citizens or the EconomyFor todayhow are you and your self-esteem doing?  Please put your sword away – the enemy is not who you think.  Self-worth is created Within – not Without.  See with your ears – listen with your eyes.  A  10 year cycle closes this week – beginning a new one on March 4th. Kindness begets kindness. Forgiveness frees us. What’s the “grown-up” thing to do?  Discipline – Fortitude – Fidelity.  Something from the dark-past is rising to the surface and we are each learning “how to save myself.”  Realization surprisesUnbreachable boundariesSeek reciprocal experiences.  New potential is hiding in plain sight – slow down – observe Self – observing Other.  The “Wheel in the Sky” never stops turning.  An adjustment is needed.  Watch how your own ‘story‘ is unfolding.  Is the ‘story‘ changing?  It happened all of a sudden, didn’t itNothing is as it seems.  Expect Clarity!  It’s a ParadoxMarch is the month we get over the ‘next‘ hump.  Stretch body and Soul. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this!  All is well!  ❤

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