2020 – Step 60: Love is the Medicine (True – Light)

“Psalm 119:105 – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to illuminate my path.”

Credit: Universe Today

Saving Grace.  Sometimes it takes 18.65 years learn something.  Deep-Knowing IS the Inner Navigator. Chaos is always a sign of “Life-Change-In-Motion.  The Universe ‘Live-Streams24/7. For today –  the Supernatural is alive and well – in case you’ve been wondering.  We each have a key to unlock our own personalshadow-box.’  Do not engage the “shadow” – but rather – OBSERVE it.  Is the Universe a mental construct displayed on the “screen of perception?”  Get out of head-space and “feelbody-space. “Am I losing myself in everything – but myself?”  Discovery and recovery.  Slow down.  Ponder.  Consider.  Observe. Notice. The world of ‘subtle’ is active.  March will bring a “quickening” to get us to the “next level.”  If experiencing any challenges – then know you are ready and equipped to handle it.  All that anyone is being asked to change is the way “I SEE myself.”  Whatever has been ignored-denied-repressed is rising to the surface.  Get back in your body.  Be with yourself today. Intuitive understanding is the recognition of another system that exists outside the mental-constructSurprise – information is NOT an entity unto itself.  Life is a grand paradox – stay present for it to reveal itself todayDisappointment always leaves a GIFT behind.  We are ALLguests” here on Earth.  As my grandma used to say – “common sense and good manners never hurt anyone.”  Be generous with both today.  Rebirth is assured.  It’s OK to “bloom.”  Please TRUST YOURSELF!  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well!

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