2020 – Step 58: Rediscovery – Unknown Origin

“Look for the helpers.”  ~Fred (Mister) Rogers (quoting his mother)

Credit: http://www.birds.com

Risk is not just about avoiding danger – it’s about maximizing reward.  Anything that has to be ‘earned‘ is NOT a Natural-State of Being.  Human wasn’t designed to ‘be happy’ – Human was designed to survive and procreate. Which is better – emotional torment or placid contentmentFor today –  kindness – mercy – forgiveness – goodwill. The Genie is out of the bottle.  Stay present.  Stop looking forward or backward.  Make NO assumptions.  Accepting that everyone is ‘perfectly flawed‘ is part of the Dance of Life.  “What can I contribute” is the question rather than – “what can I gain?”  What ROLE am “I” prepared to play?  Helpers are everywhere – we are all Helpers.  Why do we seek a Moral Reason for unhappiness and discontent?  That’s what we were programmed to believe.  Perhaps the discontent is Nature’s way of making us let go of risky-unrealistic-hopeless situations and relationships. A natural pathway is slowly opening.  Be grateful and be sure to say ‘THANK YOU‘ today.  Be kind.  Be gracious.  Life is moving at Warp-Speed – by the time you get to what you wanted – you’ve moved beyond itLife is a Paradox.  Intention + Motion = Flow.  Make peace with the ‘pace.‘  Intention meets the material world.  Heaven and Earth are smiling today – be sure to smile back!  All is well! ❤

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