2020 – Step 54: Spirit Kin – Mapping Invisible Reality Walls

“Ataraxia – (noun) – Peace of mind, the absence of any anxiety or stress, total relaxation, mental tranquility.”

Credit: Eckart Tolle

Undetectable – UntraceableHuman seeks liberation.  Imagine a world uncorrupted by assumption or projectionReframe Mental Prison. Complication is Ego’s favorite tool to keep Human in Chaos. Embrace random inconvenience – profound rediscovery.  For today – please pick up the lost pieces of your Soul.  Repeat after me – “I will NOT abandon myself.”  The psyche delivers sudden-self-realization through Collective Karma.  Something long forgotten. Beyond the wall of self-limitation – the force of transformation constantly flows.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth – it can be diverted but not stopped.  Fill in the blank: “I want __________ – – I wish __________ – – I want to release ______.”   You did it!  Your prayers and pleas for help have manifested.  The change is ‘here and now.’   While outer events and others are mirroring back to us – the key is to acknowledge “who I am” and “who I am not.”  If you feel fear – rememberfear is a useful tool.  The choice is “do I pull the covers over my head and hide or do I face my fear and doubt without judging myself or others?” The secrets of the Universe are revealed through ‘direct experience.‘  Chances are good you might get burnt (a little or a lot it depends) – that’s part of the deal.  Humans will do anything to avoid pain.  What will be gained from the Baptism of Fire is healing that ‘wound‘ that never seems to heal.  No one is made or defined by the ‘Story.’  It takes courage to be vulnerable.  When was the last time you stood butt-ass-naked in front of a mirror and said – “I love you?”  And you meant it – you genuinely felt it with yourself?  Courage delivers great rewards.  Be kind – clear – compassionate – keep your dignity.  Shifting – shaking can rouse each of us to be “my best – Best-Self.”  That’s the goal.  2020 is an End-Year.  We’re going to the ‘Next-Level.‘  We’re each being tasked to access parts of our selves we never knew existed.  It’s scary and excitingBe your real self – how hard can that be?  Repeat after me –  “I am more than I ever dreamed possible today.”  You’ve got thisTrust yourself above all others.   All is well! ❤

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