2020 – Step: 53 – Best Friends

Credit: Malicious Women
Life is but a dreamA Monarch butterfly takes 4 generations to to make the trip of migration.  It’s hard to imagine a world that’s never existed.  The Ego fears mortality.  Eventually the fear of death is overcome by the pain of physical life.  Spiritual MaturityFor today – we receive what we’ve ‘put out there.’  Memories can be erased – consequences of the past – not so easy.  Expect twists and turns.  The Age of Illusion is winding down.  Karma is “experiencing ALL sides of a situation (yes, there’s more than 2 sides – surprise).”   The most powerful tool we have is our Intuition and the ability to be Soul-Self-aware.  Humans are messy – that’s what makes us so damn beautiful.  We are born alone and make the passage of bodily death alone.  But NO ONE is ever alone.  We each have a Soul – our very bestestBest Friend” you can ever have.  Our Life Companion.  The Soul loves all our – ugly and shameContemplation – Reflection is when the Soul speaks.  It meanders (rarely traveling in a straight line) and speaks through ‘sudden inspiration’dreams – observation of NatureLook at what you keep losing over and over and you’ll discover what you have.  People who live in fear are not very spiritual. Energetic turbulence.  No matter what is happening in your life – it’s needed – as we are each part of the Collective Soul called Humanity One Face – One Race – HUMANMy Deep Self is trying to commune with your Deep Self.  We’re all getting the same message – we’re each translating it differently.  Have patience – we’ll all get on the ‘same page‘ eventually.  Take time for yourself.  Love is the medicine try giving it to yourself before dolling it out to everyone around you.  Keep going.  Stay in your core – True North.  Take it one step at a time.  There’s no rush – except when Ego is in charge.  Be an Alchemist today.  Make fertilizer out of sh*t!  Keep it real.  Be real.  Be kind.  We’re getting acclimated to Bowing to Life – Bowing to Soul.  Choose the Unfamiliar.  Be Yourself!  Get out in Nature.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  #DoEpicShit  All is well!  ❤

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