2020 – Step 51: Spiral In – Spiral Out

“We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.”  ~John Glenn

Credit: Tuan Nguyen Tan – “Solar Power on the Lake”

Is is possible that Human is NOT here to learn – but rather – Human is here to UnLearn?  Skill – Strength – Courage.  Energy and Frequency determine what “happens next.”  Do something FUN.  Instead of creating a “Vision Board” – cut out pictures of the “feelings” desired – make a “Feeling Board.”  For today – new levels of Truth arrive – right on time.  Agree to disagree.  Life is not one-size-fits-all.  See the humor – the absurdity of it all.  Laughter brings us together and releases pent-up-energy.  Limited assumptions are being broken down one-by-one.  It’s Time-consuming from Ego’s point of view.  The Universe is not in a hurry – IT has infinityComing to terms – are you clear with yourself about what’s unresolved?  Dealing with “toxic” folks requires a confrontation or isolation.  It’s a personal choice.  It’s OK to ask for help – from the Visible AND Invisible.  See what ‘was‘ and what ‘will be‘  – get comfortable in the Field of Uncertainty – that’s where Pure-Possibility resides.  Embrace the In-Between todayWhat are you refusing to let die?  That’s an old story perpetuated by familial Mythology.  How do you nourish “Self?”  Expect an invitation to explore the Unknown.  It might be subtle – it may arrive as inspiration.  It may appear blatantly obvious.  Slow down.  Inner-Spring arrives.  Tidy up.  Clear the decks.  Get yourself together.  This old paradigm is exhaustively running itself outcan’t rush Nature.  We’ve already “shed the skin” – stop scraping the old.  Break the habit of “working on me.”  There’s nothing to work on. Feel that new soft-skin that’s replaced the old.  You’re more than enough!  You are loved.  YOU WILL NOT MISS ANYTHING!  Promise.  All is well! ❤

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