2020 – Step 35: Intuitive Progress

“Each person must live their lives as a model for others.”  ~Rosa Parks (HBD)

Credit: Motivate Us

Distraction is “attention interrupted.”  Traction is intentional action.  Walking the Talk.  Bless you.  Banking on a rescue.  How low can Human go?  Managing distraction is a personal choice and responsibilityFor today – it’s difficult to focus when we’re distracted.  Gaining traction.  Traction is doing what you say you’ll do.  External triggers tell us “what to do next (beeps/pings).”  Hmmm.  Internal triggers come from within (hunger – loneliness).  Human behavior stems from wanting to avoid pain or unpleasantness.  Even seeking pleasure has a dark-side  – – we’re trying avoid the feeling of “wanting.”  Boredom – Insecurity – Loneliness – Fatigue – Uncertainty – create distraction.  Do clouds hurry?  When you get to the “fork in the road” pay attention to random and sublime.  Can you exist outside your current Pre-Ordained MapTry using Intuition todayInteract with Life.  Don’t be shy now.  When we’re presented options and can’t decide – consider it a test to trust Intuition.  We’re coming to terms with our attachments –  especially the ones we call “my shadows.”  Be extremely kind-gentle-tender with Self and Other.  We don’t always get what we “want.”  Rejection is protection.  Abandonment issues are coming up for review this week – be aware.  Do not abandon yourself.  We are held accountable for what we SEE.  Be kind.  Use your manners.  Be generous with belly laughs.  Be TEACHABLE!  Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised either.  Lean in to Truth!  All is well.  ❤

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