2020 – Step 34: The New Black

“Understanding and believing are not the same thing.”  ~Gertrude Stein

Illumination via purification.  Moving past the “murky middle.”  Culture driven to Soul driven.  Human has always sought Meaning.  No rest for the wicked.  Stem the bleeding.  Watch language.  “Ya’ll seeing this?”  Is it real or a “projection” of the Unconscious Shadow hidden withinFor todaywhat would happen if science proved the existence of God?  We would be forced to reconcile the projection WithinWelcome to Deeper SeeingUnpack the Layers please.  ​​Coming to terms with Self/Other.  ​Even if you don’t know what you’re doing – that’s OK.  We always find what we’re looking for.  “Meaning” is the New Black.  One of the positives that has come from the unending stream of the Theater of the Absurd is compassion for my ‘fellow travelers.‘  Without the projection of a single masculine figure (who we hold responsible for our fate) there would no longer be a need for ritualWhy do we have to spend money to prove love for another?  We’re at the very beginning of a 10-year Reset.  The first 5 years​ are the hardest.  It starts by recognizing limits and boundariesMINESoften hard-core-thought.  Give yourself permission to experiment with different types of communication – be generous with context and do not forget to include the irony in the “message.”  Am I basing my choices on what’s best for everyone – or am I choosing based on what I THINK others will doIt’s a paradox.  Be yourself.  You’re more than enough.  Listen carefully to the wind.  Notice weather.  Be your own Best Friend.  Enjoy “this moment.”  Be kind.  Enjoy laughter.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well!  ❤

4 thoughts on “2020 – Step 34: The New Black

  1. Listening to the wind!! indeed!!
    Gusting here at 30-35 mph…and the energy is blowing all the dead skin residue !!
    I found ease in a difficult conversation this morning with an employee ..and the outcome created a new level in which to “go from here to there”..A delightful place to be indeed…
    Thank you so much for this higher guidance !! 🎈 As always…in the highest elevations ❤!!


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