2020 – Step 24: Hybrid Rising

Amorphous [a·mor·phous] adj. Without a clearly defined shape or form. Vague; ill-organized; unclassifiable.

Credit – Jonathon Cherry – “Red Tailed Hawk”

February begins at the end of JanuaryHuman cannot manage what cannot be measured.  Revelation arrives at Turning Points.  Justice – Harmony – Balance.  Simplicity – to – Infinity.  For today – it’s okay to say “NO” to what doesn’t ‘feel right.’  “NOis a complete sentence!  Do not confuse the “Inner” and “OuterJourney.  Don’t worry about the destination – instead – consider who “I am Becoming.”  When we can ‘feel the flow‘ – know that Intention is ‘in motion.’  Magnetic stabilization is needed.  To become a butterfly – a caterpillar has to digest itself.  Certain cells survive creating the eyes – wings – antenna and other ADULT structures.  Just like the butterfly – we are each recreating Self in a new form.  Becoming.  Something that was dormant is now coming to life – a Hybrid Creation.  Some will experience the ability to see ‘around time’ and take appropriate action.  Trust yourself.  There’s a reason for all the confusion “out-there”  and it takes committed focus on staying present – lucid – aligned with True North (Core-Self).  The question is – “what am I willing to ALLOW in my life?”  We are all Butterflies and today brings more pieces of the puzzle.  Get rest.  Get out in Nature if possible.  Move the body.  Stretch.  Extend the Mind – throw ‘wild-crazy‘ ideas out to the edge of the Universe and watch what comes back this weekend.  You might be more than surprised.  Self-Respect – – Self-Reflection creates a Sacred Space to “know thyself.”   All is well!  ❤

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