2020 – Step 23: Next Tomorrow

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”  ~Salvador Dali

Be open to MysteryExpansion – Contraction?  Absurd-Change is ‘in the air.‘  ​Expect Intuitive Progress.  Moving from instant gratification to creating the future through enduring effort.  Over time – that which challenges – or – nourishes us  balances outFor today – think back to around April 23, 2019.  ​Who/What were you investing energy in and what kind of a “return” has been received?  Think back to around July 30, 2019 – “thought streams” had turned into “life streams.”  Who was “gaslighting” who?  Think back to around October 28, 2019 – “accidental magic” was discovered and it was a “Beam Me Up Scottie” moment.  It’s time to leave “Uneasy Street” behind.  New address?  There’s a different option available – it will require effort – tenacity – planning – lots of laughter – creativity (yes-open your heart please) – and belief that there IS a better wayWill you be challengedABSOLUTELYExpect the unexpected.  Expect the very last thing you expected yesterdayWaning energy –  who will buy?   When the path is steepkeep the Mind even Be kind.  Be compassionate.  Accept that mistakes have been made in the past – but no one has to re-create “that magic” if they are engaged in the present moment.  Keep “True North” in your sight.  Ideas that were once thought to be “wild-crazy-out-there” are ready to be embraced.  You’re going to really surprise yourself today!  Repeat after me – “I WILL NOT fall off the wagon again – detach from the DRAMA.”  Habit BROKENYou made it!!!  No matter what happens we are each preparing for the “Next Tomorrow” when it arrives April 26, 2020.  We’ll start the Cycle again!  Hold on – we’re going to the Next Level!  All is well! ❤

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